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10 Coromandel Attractions

At this stage in the year its the perfect time to hit some of NZ’s premium tourist destinations…without the tourists Without getting on a plane we have some incredible and accessible destinations to… Continue reading

Metallics Color Collection

METALLXX Shorter Internal Layers with Cool Metallic Colours HAIR DIRECTION Short internal layers — Longer outline shapes — Soft fringes — Cool Metallic colouring Taking the clothes fashion lead, the Metallxx hair direction… Continue reading


Even young guns have to grow up sometime, which is exactly what’s happened to last season’s Electric Youth Trend The Punkettes are still thumbing their noses at authority but this time they’re rocking… Continue reading

Quinoa…tasty winter superfood

Quinoa is all the rage at the moment, and there are multiple ways to eat quinoa- both savory and sweet. We first discovered the grain in Chile and I have included a traditional… Continue reading

WINTER COMFORT: Roasted Vegetable Enchiladas

ROASTED VEGETABLE ENCHILADAS Anyone who reads our blog, knows how much we love Mexican food…so here is a healthy take on a classic dish Enchiladas are so common in Mexico but hard to… Continue reading

WINTER COMFORT: Indian Stuffed Peppers

I’m a big fan of stuffed vegetables so this healthy winter recipe is perfect and a quick and easy meal option that will warm you on a winters night. You can easily swap… Continue reading

WINTER COMFORT: Vietnamese Chicken Pho Soup

Are you ready to kick off winter with some healthy  recipes? I love trying new food and I am really conscious about trying to eat healthy and seasonally.. so there’s something about discovering… Continue reading