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Hair Colour That’s Right for You

NEW, NOW, NEXT: YOU! What’s the hottest trend right now? Who cares if it isn’t suitable for you! Mum was right: if everyone jumps off a bridge, would you jump, too? Hair Colour Translation:… Continue reading

Things Your Hairdressers Wants You To Know

There are lots of myths out there and a ton of conflicting information, so here are a few ideas that we thought we would share to make the most of your appointment time… Continue reading


The power of touch is often missing in our busy lives. Massage restores balance and well-being, releases muscular tension and allows your body to move with greater ease. It counters the effects of… Continue reading

12 Things You Should Know About Washing Your Hair

If you don’t give your shampoo a second thought, it might be time to think again. The right product can bring you the rich, shiny, healthy hair of your dreams. 1. Shampoo is… Continue reading

looking for the music cool factor?

Being such a fan of music festivals, a question I get asked all the time is…how do I find new music? It is so easy to get stuck in an era or a… Continue reading

the meaning behind the colour

Do you feel anxious in a yellow room? Does the colour blue make you feel calm and relaxed? A particular colour can dramatically affect your moods, feelings and emotions. It is a powerful… Continue reading

mind you manners

Sadly, we can’t change the upbringing we have had; we can’t change the lessons we have learned! Every generation it seems, despairs for the changes they see in the ones that follow them… Continue reading

Our 12 Best Albums of 2012

On rotation in the salon right now…here is our pick of releases over the last 12 (or so) months Alabama Shakes: Boys & Girls I once heard Alabama Shakes’ lead singer, guitarist and… Continue reading

mine is a child-free family…and its ok!

Some days I feel like I am part of a strange kind of club (a not-so-secret society) that has really only one thing definitely in common – we are families without kids. No… Continue reading

peace on earth…

I love that in my travels I get to meet amazing…intelligent…articulate and educated people from many different countries, ethnicities and ages It is part of the joy of travel ~ historic architecture, different… Continue reading