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Salon Sounds

The quest for new music is  the search for a needle in a haystack…endless, frustrating and rewarding when you achieve success. Blogs, reviews, apps, i-tunes, web sites, internet radio there are a million… Continue reading

looking for the music cool factor?

Being such a fan of music festivals, a question I get asked all the time is…how do I find new music? It is so easy to get stuck in an era or a… Continue reading


Coachella Festival is an experience like no other…or certainly not like anything I have ever been to! It is so hard to explain the appeal…why the hell would you want to spend 3… Continue reading

Where in the world (pt 2)

Where in the world are they now? Some people say it with love…some say it in bewilderment…but the Morgan’s have a few great passions in life; their hair salon & all the people… Continue reading

Our 12 Best Albums of 2012

On rotation in the salon right now…here is our pick of releases over the last 12 (or so) months Alabama Shakes: Boys & Girls I once heard Alabama Shakes’ lead singer, guitarist and… Continue reading