Top Colour Tips

Getting a great colour is one thing…keeping it looking fresh and healthy is another. Here are a few expert tips on how to ensure you get the colour of your dreams and it stays looking great.

Get the colour tone right

A great colour is never as simple as pointing at a photo of a celebrity and proclaiming, “I want that!” To get a great colour your hairdresser you should take in account your skin tone, colour theory and even science. In fact, it’s less about the hair colour you like and more about what hair colour your skin likes. The perfect hair colour will not only complement your skin tone and make your best facial features pop, it can also help you look years younger. Get it wrong and you could end up looking washed out, tired, unnatural and older!

Picture it

A picture says it all. You may tell your colorist “caramel” but wind up with a rich, amber brown instead of the light warm coffee color you envisioned. Words mean different things to different people. Get your colourist to show you actual images – not hair swatches – so that you can see what they are thinking. A good colorist can match the shade or steer you toward a color that will be more flattering for you.

Treat it

Apply an intense deep-conditioning hair treatment a couple of days before your appointment. Adding protein will increase strength and close the cuticle which will help your hair hold the pigment better. And if you have a sensitive scalp, avoid shampooing the day before. The ingredients used in color can irritate some peoples skin, your scalp’s natural oils will protect it.

Maintain it

One of the key questions your colourists should ask is your intention regarding maintenance. Be realistic about how many visits you intend to make to the salon and how long you go between appointments. If you know it will be difficult to get to the salon for touch-ups every six weeks, stick with a shade that’s close to your natural one, or just go with face-framing highlights.

Care for it

Dry, damaged hair doesn’t hold pigment well, so the color fades, sunlight and frequent shampooing can speed up that process, so you need products to care for the hair and increase its strength Sulfate-free shampoo will extend the life of permanent hair color as it is gentle and will not strip it out like a harsher detergent-based shampoo.

Get a shower filter

This can make a massive difference to how long your colour lasts. A shower filter will prevent fading and discoloration from the buildup of minerals and chlorine that are present in city water,

Base break your regrowth.

This is a new service that Redken offers in the Blonde Idol range that allows you to soften the new growth area and blend your old colour softly. It is a good option when regrowth (roots) start to show up. It lightens or shifts the base one level up so there’s no demarcation or harsh line. It’s a single process and takes about 10 mins