Winter 2015 hairstyles: key hair trends.

With a new season comes the excuse to indulge in a new hairstyle.

From the key hair trends, to the coolest styles and how to create them, here is our winter 2015 hair guide.

Spanning in between the classic, the retro and the innovative, the winter 2015 hairstyles are all about welcoming the colder days with full-blown attitude and a whole lot of class.

With the upcoming months set to gradually get colder, the winter hairstyles for 2015 are expected to take out the long for naturalness and replace it with the higher sense of drama known for always accompanying the autumn season. Further more, it’s the textured, or gently teased hair, and the layered effects to command attention come winter, in hairstyles that are bound to come forward as equal parts feminine and edgy. Reimagined braids, fuller and thicker, alongside voluminous do’s brimming with retro inspiration, and slicked back, wet-hair looks, build the hair repertoire for you to adopt during the beautiful days of winter.

The ballerina bun.


It’s makeover season for the classic ballerina bun that sees its delicate essence take on many new shapes for winter 2015, some polished, other messy, some sophisticated, others completely undemanding.



From loose, textured side braids, to intricate half-up half-down fishtails and tight plaits, there’s a whole new world of hair styling opportunities opening up for autumn. The braided hairstyles for winter 2015 are set on highlighting femininity in any of their soft and glamourous, messy and folkish, or grungy and playful interpretations. They still bear that air of effortlessness we adore, making them all the more perfect for the upcoming cooler months.

Sleek & wet.


The sleek & wet hairstyles for autumn 2015 bear many and contrasting concepts behind. From off-duty, after gym hair to glossy film noir locks, the greasy hairstyles to have walked the runways are all about mixing the high-shine, wet-like texture at the roots with straight strands. The results? Drastic, sharp, cool looking, particularly when paired to a gorgeous berry-stained lip.

’60s mod hair.


Taking us back to the 1960s, the soft, voluminous hairstyles playing upon side-swept bangs and subtle teasing at the crown make for one of the most alluring hair trends for winter 2015. Retro-cool, but incredibly delicate, the mod hairstyles take on many guises this autumn, allowing you to indulge in something a little more spectacular for when the right occasion arises.

Center part hairstyles.


If for spring 2014 the deep-side parts seemed to be the ones ruling the runways, that’s all about to change as soon as autumn arrives. Making way for a myriad of center part hairstyles, the winter 2015 hair trends mark a definite return to all styles bearing a center separation. In any of its stark of softer renditions, the center part is the one expected to dictate the course of all things pretty and feminine during autumn and winter.

Creative ponytails.


Despite encapsulating such a timeless feel, the enduring ponytail sure gets a fair amount of makeovers as the seasons pass by. Some are made modern and intricate, others are imagined sleek and sharp, but all are conveying the same message: for winter 2015, the perennial hairstyle becomes as versatile as it gets. So put your imagination at play and let it all show in your ponytail of choice.

Loose waves.


Loose waves that never looked softer, bearing a subtle bohemian influence resplendent with polish; these are the delicate tousled hairstyles imagined for winter 2015. Half texture, half shine, the soft waves that are about to transition this season shape up an effortless, dreamy appearance that will look all the more striking when set against oversized outerwear and bulky knitwear.