Hottest Hair Color Trends in 2015

According to Pantone Inc, the worlds leading authority on color, 2015’s Color of the Year is Marsala – a robust and earthy wine red.

Pantone Marsala

Pantone Marsala

Elegant and multifaceted, Marsala can act as a bold statement color or complementary tone for many of your browns and reds.


Let’s explore how this trend could manifest itself in hair color:

Aubergine appears on the very violet spectrum of your deep reds, like ripe plum, with a slightly purplish hue and dark red tones.


This hair color trend is extremely versatile and can look great on all skin tones. For cooler complexions, focus on your purple, eggplant hues; for warmer skin tones, add a few brownish-red colors to ensure skin does not appear yellow or sallow.

“I love formulating this hair color for my darker leveled clients,” says Jennifer Morgan, Redken Artist & Owner of Morgan & Morgan Urban Retreat, “Aubergine is the perfect complementary color for cool or neutral brunettes living at levels 4 and below.”


Much like the wine, Merlot is a rich red color with subtle hints of cherry and cocoa.

This vibrant shade contains equal parts violet and red, and much like Aubergine, can be easily modified to suit all skin tones.

In 2015, you’ll find requests for all over colors to be a rarity – most everyone is looking for a little pop or dimension. That being said, Merlot is the perfect color pairing for brown-based reds, and can be used as a deep lowlight or in slices to create beautifully dimensional redheads, which are also on very on trend.

Move over, ombre! There’s a new hair color trend in town, and it goes by the name “babylights.”

Babylights are reminiscent of the soft, sunkissed strands that graced your hair as a child. To achieve this look, pair finely woven highlights with handpainted pieces for a dimensional, yet subtle glow around the face and ends.


As the name may infer, Babylights have the ability to add a hint of youth to your hairs overall appearance.“Never doubt the power of a few face framing highlights.”

Babylights are particularly low maintenance, and can be done on all hair types, making it a great choice for almost anyone in the salon


The key with this hair color trend is to find the delicate balance between placement and natural color graduation. Unlike your ombré technique, bold and high contrasting root to end colors with lines of demarcation are not the goal.

This is about micro-highlighting in small sections where you need control (face + crown), and using your baylayage technique through the mids and ends to keep the final look as natural looking as possible.

To achieve the natural sun kissed look its important to keep some warmth and not take the pieces too light – about 2-3 shades lighter than your base color.

Rose gold is one of the softest and most universally flattering tones

These gorgeous pinkish copper tones can be accomplished on almost all hair colors. However, in order to achieve this highly sought after hair color trend, we will need to pre-lighten or begin depositing on levels 8 (light blonde) and higher.


For longer lasting rose gold hues, we need to leave a slight touch of warmth in the lightened hair and then glaze with Redken Shades EQ #shadeseq or Goldwell Elumen #elumen to get the perfect rosy glow. The glaze will need to be refreshed every 3-4 weeks and a toning conditioner like Fabuloso Pro will make the colour last all winter long

Caramello…chocolate with a caramel swirl

It’s a classic, but a rich chocolate brown hair color with caramel highlights is a great choice for brunette who crave dimension without commitment.


If you’re looking for a beautiful brown base color to pair with caramel highlights, look to your mochas and neutrals. Too cool of browns can cause your hair color to appear dull and flat.

However, don’t be afraid to mix caramel tones in with your soft, beige blondes for an ultra sophisticated look.

Copper hues are trending for all almost hair colors this season.

Whether you’re thinking apricot blondes, spicy reds, or dimensional brunettes, copper tones are the perfect partner for hair colors with a golden hue.


This hair color trend is best suited for netural to warm complexions with gold, peach or yellow undertones.

Silver Grey

On one of the end spectrum, silver can be used subtly to create an overall natural look, but right now we are adapting this color for an edgier look with gray, violet and  your blue colors creating an all over fashion result.

To achieve this look we will need to pre-lighten the hair to a very pale yellow (so keep expect that Olaplex treatments to be part of the recommendation)! #olaplex

Dark grey and charcoal hair colors will continue to trend upward this season, we can tweak the color formulas to reveal cooler, slate-like hues or warmer, beige greys – they all are on trend. In fact, we recommend baylayaging a few different types of grey and silver to create a highly dimensional fashion hair color.


Platinum: silver’s softer side

Bold hair color trends sported by celebrities will trickle their way into the salon, eventually. On that note, we predict 2015 hair color trends will continue to see a rise in platinum blondes locks for those that weren’t quite ready in previous years.


While platinum blonde in the 90’s was distinguished by golden undertones,, 2015’s platinum is more modern and chic. We will need to lift your hair to a very pale yellow and cancel warm tones accordingly.

And you will definitely need to take home a toning shampoo to keep the warmth at bay!

Pastel Pop

In recent years, we’ve seen a rise in demand for fun and flirty pastel hair colors like bubblegum pink and lavender. But just like any hair trend, styles evolve and it’s our job as colorists to keep you updated.

Expect matte pastels to take on a lustrous life of their own with a new focus on shiny, metallic finishes. For strands to reflect these shimmery tones, hair must be kept as healthy as possible. Since nearly all pastel hair colors require a lifting process, Olaplex and protein and moisture treatments.