Make-Up Magicians

Ever felt you needed a GPS unit just to navigate the beauty counters?

It can be overwhelming knowing what products to chose, what suits and then even worse…how to apply them!

Visiting the beauty counters in a department store or chemist is like stepping into a land of opportunity.

There’s the promise of an exotic, new look…the hope of an uplifting, enriching experience…a better, more beautiful you. Yet, when shopping for new makeup, do you find yourself filled with utter confusion?

Unless you were one of the lucky few who had a mum or an older sister to advise you, most of us learn by trial and error….and if we have more failures than success…we give up!
Every time we open a fashion magazine its plain to see that many ‘beautiful’ women look just like the rest of us when they are captured ‘clean faced’…they have the benefit of a makeup artist on hand when they need it!
For some of us, no matter how many see others do it, getting the perfect makeup look is impossible.

Our Private MakeUp lesson would be perfect for you if:
You don’t wear much makeup because you are hesitant about what colours and products suit you
You wish you knew how to use eye makeup to enhance your natural eye colour
You know you ‘should’ change up your makeup routine but don’t know what to change to!
You’re sick of reading ‘advice’ from beauty ‘experts’ and they all say something different!
…Or, if you love makeup but are not sure you’re doing it ‘right’ and would love a fresh, honest opinion and to sit down with a dedicated makeup artist for in-person guidance.

Private Make Up Lesson is 45 minutes of one-on-one hands on practical tutorial for just $75

Update your make-up skills; learn how to create a new looks at home, gain confidence with your make-up ability and learn which products work for you.
In a one-on-one 45-minute workshop you will learn to how to become more confident with the world of make-up.
We will teach you how to emphasize your best features and create a balanced look that suits you and your lifestyle.
We will explore the techniques and application methods of our professional make-up artist and you will learn how to recreate the looks easily at home
The workshop will cover simple day makeup and show you how to convert to evening looks.

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