Redder Reds and Brighter Coppers

Following eight years of research, #Redken is thrilled to introduce the groundbreaking NEW! Carmin’R shades that both revolutionize and redefine the redhead category.


Each of the new Carmin’R shades feature a game-changing dye technology, creating unmatched and intensely powerful ruby red and copper shades that last up to 40 shampoos*.Intense Rush 14 Red Fusion

As the very first launch of its kind, the Redken-patented Carmin’R dye molecules penetrate the hair’s core and expand to a larger size than traditional dyes, trapping these dyes inside the hair fiber and resulting in a lasting color that stays truer to the red tone for up to 40 washes. Redken haircolor also features Rubilane technology, the truest copper dye that provides stunning vibrant results with unprecedented longevity and high intensity even after 20 shampoos**, as well as R5 Dyes, an oxidative red dye that generates true-red results, intense vibrancy and enduring color.


There is a uniquely strong bond within the redhead community since a majority of redheads identify themselves based on their hair colour more than any other trait they possess.

The technology within Redken’s new Carmin’R shades is unlike anything in the industry and finally addresses the vibrancy and fading concerns that are so prevalent among this community.

Above all, the ability of the Carmin’R and Rubilane shades to work across all our colour families to help to create a customized and unique red and red violet that is unparalleled.


With the launch of the NEW! Carmin’R dye technology, a total of ten new shades will be introduced within the existing Redken colour families to create intense red violet and intense copper tones.

With the Carmin’R shades, our colorists can achieve everything from a rich cool ruby red with accents of violet or a dramatic cool red violet tone to an unprecedented intense copper.


Following a salon service using the NEW! Carmin’R shades, treat your hair to a Redken Chemistry Color Extend shot to help lock-in your color. To ensure you maintain your vibrant color at home, try Redken’s  Color Extend Magnetics haircare systems.

For the ultimate in colour retention and hair strength we recommend a colour upgrade with Olaplex


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