Autumn Winter Mens Hair

Looking for a new style for Autumn Winter 2015? Here is some inspiration for the coming season to stay on trend..

Make Waves

There are several ways to get a wavier look, though a large part of a wavy style’s success is dependent on how straight your hair is to begin with.

Start by applying a sea salt spray or texturising paste to towel dry hair. Next, you could try blow drying with a hair diffuser, which will help to form waves as part of the drying process. A diffuser is a hair dryer attachment that – unsurprisingly – diffuses the air the dryer emits, allowing it to spread softly through the hair rather than blasting it full-on.

You should aim to get the diffuser as close to the root area as possible and slowly rotate the dryer to create the movement. You’ll also want to select a low speed setting to avoid creating a big fluffy head of hair. If you don’t have a diffuser at your disposal, use a hair dryer, again set at a low speed, and simply scrunch your hair with your hand to create the desired movement.

If it’s a more structured wave you’re after, then a Mini Styler works particularly well, even on short hair. What’s key here is that you’re painstakingly methodical in the way that you manipulate the hair using the styler, taking care not to twist too tight or your hair will appear curly rather than wavy. Starting at the root area, twist the styler down the hair shaft to achieve the wave.

If using an electrical styler on a regular basis seems like more hassle than it’s worth, then there’s also the option of getting your hair permed. It sounds terrifying but having your hair permed on a large perm rod would not only create an exceptional wave, it’d also ensure your hair stays wavy until the perm grows out. Remember, the larger the rod the looser the wave. Speak to your stylist to see if it would be suitable for your hair.

Go Longer

Long hair is set to have a moment in 2015. Granted, this type of cut isn’t for everyone but – on the right guy and styled the right way – it can look superb. One caveat: it’s best to avoid growing your hair long if it’s thick or unruly, as it will take a lot of time to blow dry and style each day.

Arguably the worst part of growing your hair long are those awkward, in-between stages where the length is not quite short, not quite long, and not quite fit for being seen by the general public. If you find yourself at one of these lousy, transitional periods, head straight to your stylist so that they can tidy it up and offer some expert advice on how best to get over the hump.

The key to making long hair work is taking good care of it and ensuring you get it cut regularly, so that you avoid excessive dryness and split ends. Care-wise, you’ll need a good quality shampoo and conditioner; a deep conditioning treatment or leave-in conditioner applied every week or so can also help keep your hair looking its absolute best.

When it comes to creating your style, the trick is to aim for a look that’s relaxed and laid-back rather than overly preened.

With this in mind, many of my clients simply choose to wash their hair in the evening and let it dry naturally overnight for a lived in appearance. A similar finish can also be achieve with products like Redken Aerate or Move-ability, which can be scrunched into blow dried hair.

Alternatively, you could try working some Diamond Oil through towel dried hair and then let it dry naturally – this helps smooth the hair and gives it a super healthy shine.

However, if you’re growing your hair precisely to avoid all this precision styling, the ‘man bun’ and ‘top knot’ are both extremely on-trend styles at the moment, yet completely fuss-free.


The New Short: Lower Fades

Super tight sides have been the go-to for many guys for a while now. This year, why not experiment with slightly lower fades and maintain a little more length through the sides? This technique reduces the degree of scalp exposure, but still keeps the edges looking smart and sharp, as well as giving you a little more hair to play with when creating slick styles.

When creating a high shine style, preparation is key, so make sure to apply product to lightly towel dried hair. Rub some Redken Shape Factor through the hair and blow dry while combing back or to the side to achieve the slick, precise finish we’re after.

For those keen to push the envelope, tramlines have been making a slow but sure comeback, aided by the 1990s style revival. Contrary to popular belief, tramlines don’t have to be tacky; there’s a whole spectrum of styles from subtle to statement-making. If you want to try it out, opt for a shaved-in parting, or if you’re up for going all out, ask your stylist to suggest a design they think would work for your specific hair type and head shape.