Hair Colour That’s Right for You


What’s the hottest trend right now?

Who cares if it isn’t suitable for you! Mum was right: if everyone jumps off a bridge, would you jump, too?
Hair Colour Translation: If pure platinum is the it hair colour, that’s doesn’t mean it’s right for you.
But, depending on key points such as your hair type, lifestyle, budget, skin-tone compatibility and desired maintenance schedule, there are dozens more hair colour trends open to you than you ever imagined.

For instance, say you are starting to see gray hairs.

grey cover
Ask yourself, on a scale of 1-5 (in which 1 is “can live with it” and 5 is “hate it, get rid of it”), how much does it bother you?
And, what are you willing to do about it? Tell your hair colourist, then ask for options. A professional colourist can blend gray hair, camouflage it, fully cover it or create a look that minimizes gray roots.

Another common situation involves a slight tonal adjustment.

Maybe you want to minimize brass, lighten-up a botched home job or go a little lighter for the season. Tell your colourist what you do and don’t like about your shade—don’t jump on the bandwagon for the latest hair colour trend and go for green just because a celebrity did. High maintenance isn’t for everyone, so have that conversation, which involves all the key points that matter most to you when determining which hair colour trend is right for you.

Finally, you know that hair painting (ombre, balayage, dip-dye) is all the rage and one of the hottest hair colour trends right now, but maybe obvious highlights aren’t best for your hair.


In this case, ask your hair colourist about the new Blur technique. It’s a great way to personalize your colour by subtly blurring multiple tones throughout your hair. Think: shading and highlighting with cosmetic or blending those contrasting eye shadow colours.

You can’t do it at home, but with the perfect professional colour, you can have a shade like no one else’s. Like Mum said: leave the hard stuff to the experts.


Everything is Illuminated

Whether you’re freshening up your hair colour for summer or planning how to make your hair stand out in holiday photos, nothing beats a little extra illumination. But for redheads, brunettes or blondes, forget last season’s “highlights.” This time around, ask your salon professional for a few flashes of brights, a little accent color, gold threading or a taste of honey. Be adamant and stress that less is more and that you want an introduction to lights or brights but nothing overwhelming. After all, it’s better to be kissed by the sun than struck by lightening.

What’s best, based on your natural (or not so natural) hair colour?

Hair Colour Tips for Brown Hair

The hottest hair colour tip for brunettes is to ask for “a few caramelized pieces,” “slightly lighter focal points,” “subtle midlights,” or accents that create amazing dimension in HD photos. If your hair is very dark, “Mini-Lights” are a great illuminator. For the effect, your stylist simply takes sections and weaves out individual strands to create threads of gold that run through the surface of your hair. Think of Flashpoint fabrics or ones with scintillating, single-thread embroidery.

Hair Colour Tips for Red Hair

If you’re a redhead, the best hair colour advice is to know that you can handle colour with a little extra bling. Just be sure it is tasteful and elegant. Think of ethnic fabrics, like Indian hand-crafted pillow cases that often include dominant reds and gingers but accent them with finely spun gold or beige details.

Hair Colour Tips for Blonde Hair

We know that blondes are never shy about their shade of hair colour, but the trendiest tip that’s key now is to consider where the lightest and brightest pieces are strategically placed. Do you want to show off layers with a few off-the-root pieces or add a brightening accent to your fringe? From champagne blonde to glistening gold hair colour, extra illumination is part of your world!

Hair Colour Protection Tips for Blonde Hair

Regardless of the shade of your blonde hair colour, adding brighter bits means you will want to protect and maintain their luster with Redken’s Blonde Idol haircare line, which includes a sulfate-free shampoo, a leave-in mask, a BBB spray, and violet-based custom-tone conditioner that fine tune and control whatever subtle nuance of “blonde” you have asked your colourist to create. You will feel better knowing that your investment is well cared for and your “bombshell moment,” however subtle, won’t fade away fast. After all, you’d never machine wash your cashmere sweater, knowing there’s a better option.

All colour services are better with an Olaplex treatment to strengthen and repair.

Afraid of damaging your hair going lighter this summer..but you want a brighter blonde or a longer lasting colour? Want to colour without the risk of damage?
We can use Olaplex to eliminate eliminate damage or breakage with every color service.

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