Things Your Hairdressers Wants You To Know

There are lots of myths out there and a ton of conflicting information, so here are a few ideas that we thought we would share to make the most of your appointment time

1. If you want your hair to grow, you need to keep getting it trimmed.


Hair is a remarkable fibre (for tensile strength, hair is stronger than steel) however it is vulnerable to damage and will literally unravel (and split) if the protective outside layer is damaged. So when your ends split, they will split up the strand until that hair breaks. The more hairs that do this, the thinner and “scragglier” the bottom of your hair will look (because there is less hair). The only thing that can stop the hair splitting is to cut off the part of the hair that is disintegrating. If you get a “health check” which is a minuscule trim (1/2 – 1cm), to remove the split ends and keep them from splitting up, roughly every two months, you’ll maintain and keep the hair you have longer- enabling you to have longer, healthier hair.

2. We are not magicians, but we do have magic potions!


Do you see a lightning scar on our foreheads? Am we carrying a wand? No, because we are not Harry Potter or Hermione Granger. We don’t magically change the texture, density, or curl pattern of your hair when we colour or style it. We can manipulate it with products. The reason your hair feels so much better after we smooth it than after you do, isn’t our hands (or our skills), it’s the $33 dollar heat-protecting, smoothing spray we use. So don’t complain “I can never make it look like you do,” when we both know you’re using Tresemmé shampoo and cheap hairspray when you get home. It’s not magic, it’s science

3 Be Specific


Nothing can ruin a person’s day like leaving the salon feeling less than untouchable! When you go in to have your hair done, be very specific about what you want. Consultation is THE MOST important part of the whole service and we really want to make sure we find out as much as possible in this time.  If you just want a new look and you trust your stylist, that is totally okay! But make sure that your hairdresser knows what you mean when you say “Honey-blonde highlights” or “just two inches”. Your interpretation and her interpretation could be completely different! We use and recommend Pinterest or visuals to help in the consultation. Seeing an image is so much better than describing it and it allows so much greater clarity…as they say “a picture paints a thousand words”

4. Why our products are better than Countdown.


The reason salon products are so much better than supermarket ones is simple: technology. When developing hair products, the most qualified chemists are working in the most innovative labs. When you come to the salon, you have the latest technology – that is in the professional salon market years before it will hit the supermarket shelves
Have you ever been vexed because it seems like your hair stylist is “pushing” salon products on you? Turns out, the salon products are actually better for your hair! Yes, they are more expensive, but in the long run it will be worth it. Salon products are better quality than supermarket products, they last twice as long because you need less per use, and they are healthier for your hair. It’s worth the splurge!
We will tailor make a prescription, based on the consultation process to ensure we take care of both your hair and scalp needs. If you ask any professional hairdresser what ‘they’ use at home you will NOT get the answer of supermarket brands! We use salon professional products on our precious hair because we know its better

5. Coloring your hair and lightening it are not the same.


In fact, they are opposite processes. “Coloring” your hair, either darker or to a different shade, involves DEPOSITING color molecules into the hair shaft. Lightening it (highlighting, blonding, bleaching) is the process of removing the melanin (color pigments) from your hair, causing it to look lighter. Lightening is always a permanent service – once the colour is removed it is gone! We can replace natural pigment with an artificial colour when you are wanting to go darker but underneath the hair is still lacking in natural melanin

6. Color doesn’t lighten color.


While taking your color darker isn’t a problem, if you come in with dark brown hair and want light-brown hair, we cannot just put a light brown color over it…it simply doesn’t work! It won’t do any more than if you put light fabric dye on top of a black dress. Worse is if you have some new growth (of natural hair) – put a light (or bright) colour over the whole lot and the only part that colors is the roots! To give you a change we have to remove the existing artificial pigment and then put the new colour over the top. This can be a time consuming process but will ensure you perfect colour every time.

7. Just because that’s your “natural hair color” it doesn’t mean you have natural hair.


As hairdressers, we refer to “natural” (or virgin) hair, as hair that has never been touched by chemicals. Your hair grows about 30 cm a year. If you have 60 cm of hair and haven’t colored your hair in a year, you’ll have 30 cm of new growth, and 30 cm of previously colored hair, so even though it looks natural, it isn’t. We need to know this so we can formulate your color appropriately. Clients will sometimes say “no this is natural…and we are not concerned if you’ve colored your hair, we adjust need to know whats going on so we can give you a balanced result. Savvy?

8. Time is money.


One of the top things your hairdresser wants you to know is to be respectful of your appointment time. If you’re even running 10 minutes behind, it can throw off us whole schedule for the day…and then we keep the rest of the days clients waiting. We book our time with you according to what you want done, so try your very best to be on time so you can get the most out of your appointment.
We try really (really) hard to stay on schedule and we know that sometimes we are not running to time…but more often than not this is because someone has turned up late earlier in the day
When you no-call, no-show, or call to cancel at the last minute, your stylist doesn’t make money. You’re messing with their livelihood and if you do it more than once, you’re messing with their patience and do you really want to mess with the person who’s about to be inches from your head with sharp metal objects?
When you make the appointment, you are buying our time and so if circumstances change and you need to move your appointment, please please give us as much notice as possible

9. We’d rather fix your hair than you be unhappy.


Most stylists are happy to fix your hair if you’re unhappy with it. We completely understand the emotional connection that we all have with our tresses. We would hate to think anyone felt bad about their hair…you have to wear it – but we feel really responsible for whether you are happy or not. If you hate your hair and go around telling people that we messed up your hair, that’s bad for business. Most good salons have redo policies where you can come back and see your stylist for tweaks and fixes, for no charge. Simply be polite and let us know. If someone truly messes up your hair (cuts it wonky, fries it off, turns it an off color), there are still things we can do and we are genuinely committed to making sure that you get a result you like. Lastly on this point, if you go for a change and don’t like it, that doesn’t mean your stylist did a bad job. There’s a difference between you changing your mind and the stylist doing something wrong.

10. You’re not Jennifer Lopez.


You will never look or feel exactly like her, because you are not her and just because you bring in a picture of Jennifer Lopez, it doesn’t mean your hair will be identical. You don’t have the same hair (or hair history) as her, you aren’t going to the same stylist as her, and you don’t have your hair professionally handled on a daily basis. Pictures are GREAT, we love them and we’ll do our best to get as close to them as we can and to help make modifications that will make it better for you, but PLEASE have realistic expectations.
Most of us get our hair inspiration from celebrities these days, or Pinterest, which is kind of the same thing. Either way, go to your hair appointment with realistic expectations. You might not have the face shape or the hair texture to rock a cute pixie cut like Natalie Portman. And just because Nicole Richie recently rocked lilac hair doesn’t mean it will be practical for you in real life. Discuss these kind of changes with your hairdresser.

11. Pulling out the greys does not make two grow back

grey hair
Put aside that old wives’ tale and pick up your tweezers.
It’s an old wives’ tale that has persisted through generations. Someone, at some time, concluded that plucking one gray hair caused two to grow back in its place. It’s unclear what the scientific basis for this might be. There appears to be none.
If you only have a few grays, you can pluck them out – so don’t freak out!
The problem with plucking is that the gray hair (just the one) will grow back, leaving you with a short, spiky gray hair rather than a long one that at least lies subtly against your head. So if you have more than a few, coloring or embracing the gray is the way to go.

12 If your products work for you, there’s no reason to trade them in for something new.


Your hair is not “used to” the shampoo you’ve been using for eight months. It’s not immune to your conditioner or de-frizzer. It doesn’t care if you use the same great products forever.
There’s no evidence whatsoever that hair benefits from changing products every six months. Or every six years. Conditioner isn’t an addictive drug; your hair doesn’t build up a tolerance to it. If it makes your hair look great, it should always make your hair look great.
Unless your hair changes — which does sometimes happen. Otherwise, your hair doesn’t actually want you to buy the next great salon product every six months. (Although it’s perfectly fine if you want to).