Despite the damp and sometimes grey skies still lingering in the air, it is officially spring and summer is just a month away

From reorganizing our homes to applying the gradual tan to our white limbs,  to revamping our wardrobes, it’s time for a fresh start in all aspects of life.

And what better way to kick it off than with a new hair color?

Bright Blondes

Monocrome blonde
Jennifer Morgan, master colorist and co-founder of Morgan & Morgan, says one of most sought after shades of the season will be a monochromatic blonde like Cate Blanchett’s. Good news for those nervous about bleaching: This ultra-light color is created by a high-lift, single process that will not damage your hair. What is great with these high-lift blondes is you are not compromising the integrity of the hair because you’re lightening the base colors without pulling too much warmth.”
Women with lighter skin tones are often best suited for this color, but should be wary of shades that are too white or ashy. But sometimes going against the grain can turn out really cool, any color can work [on anyone] no matter your complexion as long as it is done correctly.

Honey Blondes With Rooty Dimension

Those with dark blonde or light brown hair looking to keep more of their natural color should go for a honey hue, like Cara Delevingne, with a warm dark honey blonde at the root areas and a soft scattering of highlights towards the mid lengths and ends. The key is having rich depth at the roots that gently fades into lighter tips with a soft haze between the shades Think of it as ‘Glamorous Roots.’ The end result is much more youthful and flattering than a heavy bleach job.

Bold Reds

This season’s take on ginger is anything but subtle. It’s all about a bright hue that will make your eyes pop à la Christina Hendricks. When going red, you can choose a shade with either copper or blue undertones—the latter is much more vibrant. If you are going for a cool copper, choose a blue-based color, with minimal highlights, so the base can take center stage. For a warmer copper tone add some slices of bright gold to make the copper come alive

Buttery Brunettes

For brown-haired clients this season, it’s all about rich monochromatic shades with light contrasts a’la Kate Middleton. If you have “dark chocolate” hair, try “milk chocolate” highlights. If you have milk chocolate hair, go for soft honey highlights. Ombré is still around (albeit a much more subtle version), so you can avoid highlighting to close to your roots. This will keep your hair looking soft, pretty, and sophisticated. Too much contrast at the roots with light highlights will give you a harsh zebra effect.

Pretty Pastels

First it was Kelly Osbourne, then Nicole Richie, and Ireland Baldwin (who’s already gone from lavender to light blue) dying their hair all the colors of the little kid rainbow. When celebrities start taking the plunge into color, we see our clients becoming more experimental as well. What better time to be adventurous than summer and pastels are now practically mainstream, especially shades of rose-gold, lilac and strawberry
It’s so hot and edgy right now, we love how Nicole Richie is pairing the purple hair with ultra glamorous outfits. It’s a perfect example of how a bold color can give an edge, but still look pretty. It’s something everyone should do at least once.

Two-Tone Hair Colour from the Paint Box

Like Kylie Jenner, Lily Allen and Rita Ora are partial to the more flamboyant of the two-tone hair colouring options. After all, women are no longer shunned for making creative individual choices. Dark hair brings out the luminescence of colours. In Kylie’s and Lily’s jet-black hair, the turquoise and yellow colours of their hair ends show all their luminous radiance. Rita Ora dip-dyed the ends of her blonde bob using the colours hot pink, orange, and turquoise.

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