Metallics Color Collection


Shorter Internal Layers with Cool Metallic Colours

Metallxx Trend Overview

Short internal layers — Longer outline shapes — Soft fringes — Cool Metallic colouring

Taking the clothes fashion lead, the Metallxx hair direction is a bold statement of directional glamour. Shorter internal layers combine with longer outline shapes which fuse together with the cool Metallic colours delivering a sophisticated look.


Luminous metallics — Luxe layers — Exquisitely tailored — Radiantly chic — Bold florals — Embroidered & embossed details

Florals are rarely recessive and metallics never take a backseat so, when floral metallics blazed a trail through the fashion week capitals it was an unmissable trend. Lustrous fabrics with dense floral prints were perfectly tailored by Stella McCartney while sheer fabrics were embossed, embroidered, textured and overlaid on the catwalks of Rochas, Dries Van Noten and those gilded princes Dolce & Gabbana.

Shorter Internal Layers

Here, shorter internal layers are combined with longer outline shapes. The fringes are slightly feathered to gently soften the overall appearance.

Cool metallic colours — Reflexxions technique

Both small and large triangular shapes are used in this technique; the small triangle is always the darker colour whilst the larger is lighter. Three reflective cool tone shades are always used to create a feeling of warmth.