9 Fashion Oops Moves

9 Fashion Oops Moves

We have probably all been guilty of getting it wrong or making a fashion faux pas at some stage. Some things can be forgiven, but some are so obvious its crazy that we can’t see it at the time. Here are a few mistakes to avoid!


fashion badly fitting via emilykatehargrove.com

Whether you go up or down, the wrong size doesn’t work for anyone. If it’s too small it’ll strain at the seams and openings and the warp and weave of the fabric will probably give way over time leading to holes in the garments. And if it’s too big it’ll look baggy and frumpy. In a nutshell if the fit’s wrong, the garments won’t work and will never, ever look stylish. Not all sizes are the same, meaning some brands have different fits and you might need to go up or down. Yes, we knooow it’s not much fun going up, but if the fit’s right you’ll feel comfortable, no doubt elicit lots of compliments and look good.



OMG there are loads of people guilty of this one. We get a look we’re comfy with and as the decades roll by stick with it: clothes, hair and makeup. No, no, no. Number one, times change. Number two, you change. What looked hot in the 80s when it was on-trend and you had a younger shape may not work so well once 10 or 20 years have passed. That said, we’re not advocating you madly follow trends, just do a quick update each season and always have some classic style staples.



Playing up your outfit with a couple of carefully chosen pieces of jewelry is a definite DO and I really admire women who have a talent for mixing and matching and are always capable of pulling off a new trend perfectly. Over-doing it, however, is downright one of the worst fashion mistakes out there and probably something you’ll want to make sure to avoid, unless you really have a knack for keeping the Christmas spirit strong all year long. Wait…strike that… looking like a Christmas tree is never a good way… well… that’s pretty much it!



Have you ever noticed anyone wearing fitted garments, particularly trousers and the ridge that forms at the panty line? Not a good look. Lots of people don’t even notice it on themselves but this a really simple faux pas to fix these days. Lots of underwear has been designed with this in mind i.e. Sloggi’s. In fact most brands use technology in some of their knickers that are invisible under clothing. And you know the rules right? When you’re wearing white, always wear flesh-toned underwear.


fashion jeans via trendythriftynow.com

Having a bit of a problem with those hated “love handles” and being a total fan of low rise jeans I have, too, been tempted to say “Oh, what the heck” and ignore that fleshy overflow. Not a good road to take at all, ladies, so do take my advice and don’t let this fashion faux pas ever leave your rooms. The so called “muffin top” will literally butcher your fine physique, making your legs look shorter and your waist chunkier!


fashion bra via telegraph.co.uk

Pick the woman with the boobs hanging down well below the armpits. She’s in the wrong sized bra. Or the woman whose cups runneth over (so to speak) or have a big ridge of back fat showing under their t-shirt. All totally unnecessary oops moments and ones that can make a huge difference to how your clothes look, feel and fall. It’s a mistake to just guess your bra size because most of the time you’re wrong. And even if you’re right things change in the boob area with weight, pregnancy and time. A professional bra fitting will really change your life. End of story. Tip: The Fit Studio just off Upper Queen Street is brilliant. It’s the home of Rose & Thorne who make super-affordable, gorgeous lingerie with flexible fit. Made by women for women. $100 will take you a long way.



Showing too much of anything doesn’t make you look sexy! Furthermore, it’s one of the worst fashion mistakes in my book and pretty much any book out there. Sure, we can turn a blind eye but only if you’re younger than 20 which is generally considered a perfect age to invest in a few tops than reach past your belly button and learn that showing it all doesn’t guarantee you attention..or, at least, not any positive attention.


fashion vpl via flickr

Nothing beats a lovely, crisp white shirt. White pants look good too. And white underwear – lurvely! The problem is with age and wear they can take on a bit of yellow look. Soaking in a whitening solution works well but nothing beats putting some Prussian Blue powder in the final rinse. It’ll bring back the bright white again. You can find it at art stores or check out Wendyl’s Blueing Powder at http://www.wendylsgreengoddess.co.nz



Although synthetic materials are generally a valid choice for evening attire not to mention quite a popular ingredient of many well made blends, there comes a time in every woman’s life when she really has to start paying attention to the inner labels, basing her choice on the quality of fabrics used to create a garment in question. Now, I don’t say we should switch to fine silks and whatnot overnight but yes, a quality “basic” piece is definitely worth a whole lot more than 5 so-and-so items bought on a whim, it will look good for years and will allow you to put together many wonderful not to mention classy looks.

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