Even young guns have to grow up sometime, which is exactly what’s happened to last season’s Electric Youth Trend

The Punkettes are still thumbing their noses at authority but this time they’re rocking their rebel credentials while flashing more cash.

The raw edges are all intentional with many designers choosing to showcase timeless tartan in a nod to the trend’s ‘70s heritage, while black is wallto- wall compulsory in leather, wet-look rubber and highshine
patent. Moschino, Christopher Kane and JPG all riffed on the essential biker and blouson jackets theme with embroidery, studs and even lace detailing to ensure


The punk rock movement of the ’70s is one that forever left its mark: not just as a music genre but also as a source of inspiration for fashion and art. The punk culture is one that cultivates creativity and breaking out from the mold; which is why a punk inspired fashion collection is usually seen as rebellious, one of a kind and edgy.
For this Autumn 2014, punk fashion remains present, even though it’s presented in a different way. And with the revival of punk clothing comes a newfound interest in punk-inspired hairstyles.

After a break, a round-up of punk as a hairstyle trend for Autumn 2013: where it’s been seen, and how to achieve it
The punk fashion of today is a good mix of different elements that somehow gives it a balance and makes it relevant in today’s world. As seen on the runways of the different fashion weeks, punk is given a good mix of femininity and high fashion while still retaining that toughness and masculinity it’s been known for since it started out in the 70s.

Punk rock hairstyles: a trend of Autumn 2014

The relevance of punk in fashion is undeniably great; that’s why it has also become a major hair trend for this season. Let’s face it, not everyone has the confidence to pull off an all-out punk look and one of the easiest ways you can start exploring the rebellious side of you is through a punk inspired hairstyle. From Balmain to Thakoon, the edgy punk hairstyles made women all over the world break free from their usual ponytails.

Check out these hairstyles we spotted on the different runways: you’ll surely find one (or more) that you’d love to wear yourself.

Let’s start with a subtle one from Balmain. This hairstyle looks like it was roughly slicked back with fingers which makes it very natural but the volume on top adds some edge to it. It’s a simple and very easy way to incorporate punk into your look.


Shorter and edgier, this look from Marc Jacobs is one that is truly punk. Before you skip to the next look because you don’t want to chop your hair, these are actually wigs. The wigs were cropped or cut in layers and then styled to look like the model just got out of bed.


Mohawks are very punk and this is what Fendi went for in their fall 2013 show. This type of hairstyle requires serious commitment so instead of shaving the sides of the models head, they just did a very tight braid and topped it off with a wig that’s been died in different colors. The result is very tough and very chic.


Note that for a more wearable take you could simply do the tight sides and mohawk-style braid, leaving off the feathery hairpiece.

Thakoon gave a sleek chignon the punk edge by simple adding uneven fringe to it. This look is as modern as punk gets.

Going all out punk is Haider Ackermann. This hairstyle screams punk (even if it’s supposed to be a post apocalyptic inspired look) through the contrast of the dark roots (painted over with white talcum powder) and platinum blonde hair (extensions). Creating that mohawk or spiked look by putting the ends of the hair up also added edge to this hairstyle.