Easy Summer-Hair Ideas

Suddenly it feels like summer…and hopefully we are in for a great season ahead.

When heat and humidity strike, the last thing you want to do is spend an eternity styling your hair, only for it to end in the F word: fluff.
But you don’t want to spend the summer with boring hair either…so here are a few great summer ideas….



Colorful silk scarves add an old-school, Italian-holiday feel—no passport necessary. Head wraps and scarves and tied bandanas are on such a hot wave right now, turning your most simplistic outfit and boring hair into “too cute” with one tie.
To get the look fold a brightly coloured square scarf (minimum 70x70cm) into a triangle. Starting with the tip of the triangle, fold the tip and 10cm of the fabric down so the scarf is in the shape of a trapezium. Continue folding the scarf until you have a long, narrow band.
Place the centre of the scarf at the nape of the neck and bring both ends to the top of the head. Holding both ends with one hand, pin the scarf in place behind both ears using contoured bobby pins the same colour as your hair.

On top of being a grade-A cool, a head wrap can make you polished and can hide the worst hair days, including frizz created by the humidity of spring and summer.
For an evening look,tie in a scarf leaving a little hair visible along the hairline and covering the tops of the ears then roll the hair up into a French twist but instead of tucking the ends into the roll, fold them under and fan across the top of the head.



Forget perfectly crafted ghd curls (that are so hard to perfect) the best summer waves are way more laid-back.
To create this look prep the hair with a volumising products like the More Inside Curl Moisturizing Mousse or OSiS Upload to give hair a little grip and help the curls keep their shape. If you have a fringe, dry that in place first then tip your hair upside down and dry your hair (to give maximum root lift) until it is 90% dry.
Next take some big sections of hair and wrap around a BABYLISS PRO CERAMIC HOT AIR BRUSH (twisting away from the face). Wind the hair gently and on the high heat hold for a couple of sections (until it is dry) then gently unwind and repeat on the other side. For the rest of the head, curl similarly large, random sections, starting at the midshaft. Finish with a light mist of shine spray.


This is the 2 in 1 styling solution. Get that ‘BaByliss Big Hair’ look! Complete with two speeds /three heat settings and a 32mm ceramic hot tube barrel. The BaBylissPRO Hot Air Brush enables the creation of smooth hair whilst adding root lift and body.

Ceramic technology
1000 watts
2 speed/3 heat settings
Contoured easy grip handle
Cool safety tip
Barrel heats up for fast and effective styling


Ashley Benson 22nd Birthday Celebration at Vanity Nightclub in Las Vegas on December 17, 2011

We’ll say it again: Summer hair is meant to look effortless. And no one does effortless quite like Jennifer Lawrence. Begin by working a volumizing mousse (like More Inside Volume Boosting Mousse or OSiS Hold Miracle) through damp hair, then flip your head upside down to blow it dry. If you have naturally curly hair, use a diffuser. When your hair is 100 percent dry bring your head back up, and create a side part with your fingers. Using your Babyliss Pro Ceramic Brush, wrap hair around the wand in different directions: Alternate with some sections going toward the face and some going away for a slightly disheveled effect.



If you have long hair, sometimes you just need to get it up and away on hot sticky days,
Its so tempting to throw your hair in a ponytail…and thats ok but lets make it a stylish one!
Volume at the crown keeps your hair looking fresh and polished. Once hair is blown dry, tease the top layer (between the temples) and smooth it over with a comb. Sweep a ponytail into place with a nylon-and-boar-bristle brush, securing it with a hair elastic at the top of the crown. To disguise the elastic, take a section of hair from the ponytail—the width depends on the thickness of your hair, but aim for a half inch—wrap it around the base, and slide a hairpin through to keep in place.



Skinny braids add a pretty detail to an otherwise straightforward bun or ponytail. Before you begin braiding, work in a strong-hold gel like More Inside Medium Hold Modeling Gel and part hair down the center. Starting at your temples, weave a French braid about a quarter inch wide, keeping it close to the hairline. Instead of wrapping sections over each other, wrap them under for a cornrow effect. Wrap it around your ear, and braid until you reach the ends, securing it with a tiny clear elastic. Repeat on the other side. Once you’re finished, twist hair into a low bun, and mist with hair spray.