Tips for Top Hair

Hair Damage


As anyone who has dyed, fried or tortured their hair will tell you, there is nothing more depressing than that brittle, rough, burnt feeling of your once soft and  silky strands.

Hair has two important layers…you can think about it a little like a tree…bark and soft wood – or cuticle and cortex
The outside of your hair (the bark) is there to protect the soft inside. The secret to great hair health is to protect the inside so you need to keep this protective layer (actually called the cuticle) in place.
Once gone, there is no replacing it, so the most critical thing you can do is prevention, prevention and more prevention

Don’t over colour and make sure you explore the most gentle options with your colourist, over colored hair will never look great and sometimes you have to accept that as much as you might want a particular shade, it just is not worth the damage that radical colour change can cause.

Use the best products you can afford and have regular in-salon and at-home reconditioning treatments.

Trim the ends regularly to remove any split or broken ends.

Never (ever) use a heat appliance without a heat protector (we love Davine Melu)

There are many products available that claim to repair your dead ends and rough brittle hair, but the truth is, most of what you see in ads on TV and in magazines is absolutely not going to do a thing for your hair. There are a some amazing products that will restore the hair (as long as the cuticle is still in tack) but they require a professional diagnosis from a reputable hair salon and time to work their magic. New technology offer ingredients that can be like magic, but you have to make sure that you are getting the right ‘cure’ for your type of hair texture and the type of damage incurred.
The technology of the “Keratin Complex” and its little sister there ‘Express Blow Out’ offer some of the best repair and strengthening for hair that has suffered for either chemical or environmental abuse

If you are looking for something to do the trick for a night, you will need a temporary boost. This is boost is found in products that contain silicone. Silicone will trap moisture and provide a soft, shiny appearance in your hair. This is a temporary fix to fake healthy hair, not to create it. Silicone will not do anything to enhance your hair when it is not applied.

Fine Hair


Fine hair can be a curse if you don’t know how to handle it…but with the right haircut and a few tools it is pretty easy to get limp hair to have some oomph

The first thing is to be realistic…if you are aspiring to Kardashian hair you are probably dreaming, but you can get a noticeable volume boost with a few easy tricks.

The Right Haircut is everything…the less weight, the more volume. Therefore, the less hair, the more volume. If you really want a fuller look, go for a short ‘do. Bobs are perfect for fine, limp hair — and there are a million different styles. Cutting some soft subtle layers can add texture, giving your hair a thicker look but be super careful not to over layer it if you are wearing a longer style
If you want long hair but your not blessed with thicker tresses create shape and style in the front with some face framing shaping but leave the layers at the back a little longer so it stays thicker on the ends.

Try doing your blow-dry upside-down.  After you get out of the shower, towel blot your hair well and apply a great volumiser and a root lift product then flip your hair over and let the hair dryer work its magic. This trains your roots to stand up on your head somewhat before falling into their flat routine. If you have a fringe, blow-dry it first (right-side-up) before you dry the rest of your hair.

Use a rounded brush. While blow-drying, use a rounded brush to curl your hair away from the scalp at its roots. You might struggle with it the first time, but eventually you’ll get the hang of it. The latest craze it the round brush-blow dryer in one…perfect if you can’t manage the whole brush and blow waver thing

Choose the right products…finding the right volumising products is really important – you need something lightweight that will coat each strand with just the right combination of thickening ingredients and anti-humidity protection. New technology has turned a few old favorites (like mousse) into the best tool around to add thickness to fine hair. Dry shampoo and root dusts are also amazing for getting lasting volume and thickness. There is no way you can create the illusion of more hair without the right styling aid you you need your hairdresser to prescribe the best options for you

Break out the curling iron, no we’re not asking you to spend hours trying to ghd curl your hair,  simply curling under the ends of your hair can add some bounce. Again the hot air brush is a great way to get some movement and fullness. Just make sure you preserve your hairs condition with a heat protector

Try a leave-in conditioner…as counter intuitive as that might seem. There are some amazing mist conditioners developed for fine hair. They often have a duel function of condition, style boost and shine all in one and are very light – not creating any additional weight

Invest in some hair spray…once you’ve blow-dried your hair mist it with some spray – I know it sounds old fashioned but it will lock out the humidity and lock in the fullness

Add a little colour, the textured look of highlighted hair can create the illusion of thicker locks. It doesn’t require shockingly bright colour either; a subtle colour slightly lighter than your current hair  will do the trick.

Coloured Hair

Young woman looking at split ends

For optimal colour, yes, it is very important that your colourist is highly skilled, is able to deliver just the right level and depth of hue to complement your entire appearance, and frames your face with finesse.
Its a matter of personal taste and fashion style as to what you consider ‘beautiful colour’ but certainly current fashion trends are lending towards more natural and believable looking hair

If you stay within 2-3 levels of your natural hair colour you will be the best results…this means no more than a couple of levels lighter or darker than your real colour (what ever that is) As your natural colour changes (with time and age) your colourist should adjust the formula accordingly

As old fashioned as it might sound, your colour ‘season’ is often the difference between a great result and one that just doesn’t feel quite right. If you are a blue eyed blonde with fair skin that has a pinky blue tone, chances are you are a ‘summer’ and your palette will include cooler ash, beige blonde tones whereas if you are olive skinned and brown eyes you can go for golden and copper tones

Once you walk out of the salon, it’s up to you to keep the color as strong as can be…
With ample colour-extending shampoos, conditioners, and glosses making your gorgeous colour last, is easier than ever.
Always use colour-formulated products. Normal shampoos and conditioners may have chemicals that will strip the tones from your hair.

Avoid over-washing! Only wash your hair when your hair is dirty. Excess washing can cause your hair to dry out and loose its colour faster.

Don’t over think it. The average colour treatment lasts 6-8 weeks before you start to see your original natural hair, so don’t wait too long between visits. It is so much harder to maintain a great even result if you have an excessive amount of new growth

Apply an intensive conditioning treatment 1-2 times a week, and try to use overnight if you can, your hair colour will not last, or look great if your hair is not in tip top condition

Use a clear gloss every 3-4 weeks to keep hair shiny, you can have it done at a salon in between your regular colour will add shine, correct the tone or pump up the brightness

Great hair starts where you cant see it’s make sure you eat plenty of protein (it’s what your hair is made of) take vitamins (like Biotin or fish oil) to keep hair strong from the inside out.

Spraying a UV veil on hair keeps colour protected during time in the sun. Not just by the pool or at the beach, but even when exercising or walking around outside.