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It may be gone, but the playful reach of the 1960’s, with such enduring icons; groundbreaking designers of the time such as Pierre Cardin and Mary Quant, the models of the moment, Peggy Moffitt and Twiggy and the visionary hairdresser Vidal Sassoon who’s influence is still respected to this day, ensure it’s nowhere near forgotten.

One of the strongest trends for Spring Summer 2013/14 is influenced by the swinging sixties


Think 60’s hair and three role models and their iconic hair styles should spring to mind…

The Mary Quant  bob

For Spring Summer 2013, there is one type of bob that was really key to the fashion scene: the mod bob. It is all about complimenting the vintage-inspired clothes and beauty looks that are dominating runways and editorials. But the bob as a style also works its way into fashion in a more basic and flexible way. The trend has paved the way for shoulder length and chin length bob styles that are simple enough and modern enough to work across a variety of styles.

Mono-mod3 Mono-mod4 Mono-mod5 Mono-mod7 Mono-mod8

Twiggy crop

The 1960s can’t be written about without a mention of Twiggy. While hair lengths now provide little in the way of shock factor, the length of her Twiggy’s hair was revolutionary for the time. a super short crop that launched the career of the legendary Vidal Sassoon
This classic style has been reinvented for spring summer 2013 with a fresh new take on short hair

Mono-mod6 Mono-mod7

Brigitte Bardot bouffant

Bardot chose to cater to her sensual and messy side, with the allure of her trademark hairstyle resting just as much on its untidiness as on her personality itself. Its a style that continues to resonate: the big and volumized hair can be considered as a reflection of the empowerment of women during this era. And while the decade had a number of defining hairstyles, it’s the bouffant styles that 2013 is most fixated on.

mod-modern-barbot mod-modern-barbot2

1960s fashion: the beauty lookIf you plan on making the most of the trend and style your outfit considering even the smallest of details, the beauty look is equally significant. This season is all about 60s inspired hairstyles like bed hair, sexy bouffants and subtle renderings of beehives accented by cute headbands. When it comes to make-up, the focus falls less on the black eyeliner and more on the eye-shadow. From fierce smoky eyes and tangerine lips, to dashes of white eyeliner and kohl rimmed eyes, everything serves to highlight your strong points.