nail art

Nail Art Mania


Out of nowhere, nail art has become one of this biggest accessory trends of 2013.

If you are interested in experimenting, here are some (reasonably) easy options to try at home

Plastic Wrap


Do you want fool-proof marble nails in just a few minutes? Just use some plastic wrap! First, paint your nails with a base color and make sure to let the polish dry completely before moving on. Then, working with one nail at a time, apply a coat of the second polish over one nail. Quickly grab a crumpled piece of plastic wrap and blot the top of your nail once or twice. When the sticky wrap touches the wet polish, it will pull up a bit of the color, creating a marbled effect with the base color underneath. If you pull up too much of the wet polish, just add a little more color and dab it with plastic wrap again. Continue until you’ve completed each nail.

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Perfect French Manicure

2013-04-27 07.35.40

Giving yourself a French manicure seems simple enough, but most of us know that it’s a lot harder than it looks. However, with this tip, you will be able to give yourself the perfect French manicure every time from now on. After painting your nail with a base coat, simply stick binder hole reinforcement stickers or any other circular sticker you have on your nails where you’d like your French manicure line to start. Then paint the tips of your nails as you normally would. Once you peel off the stickers, you will have the perfect French manicure tips!

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Polka Dots


Many nail art designs incorporate polka dots. So save yourself the hassle and stress of making perfect polka dots with your nail polish brush by creating tools to make them instead. The tips of a bent bobby pin make the perfect polka dots. You can also create a dotting tool by pushing a straight pin into the eraser of a pencil. Then of course you can use the tip of a toothpick to make even smaller polka dots. So there you have it, three dotting tools for any size polka dots you may need!

Ombre Nails

2013-04-27 07.37.40

Ombre has been a huge trend this past year for hair but it has recently been adapted to nails too. The simplest way to achieve this is to first paint your two ombre colors on a surface that can be easily cleaned after. Mesh the two colors together in the center using a toothpick, then dip a makeup sponge into the two colors. Simply apply the polish that was picked up by the sponge onto your nail and wah-la! Beautiful and easy ombre nails!

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Does your idea of nail art consist of some bling? Then you may find that it’s a little difficult to get the tiny gems onto your nails. Simply use a waxy pencil such as an old lip or eye liner to pick up and place your rhinestones. You can also use a toothpick with blu-tack on the end! Trust me, it’s a lot less stressful and annoying than trying to pick them up with your fingers. Plus it will give you a lot more control when trying to position them perfectly on your nails!

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Scotch Tape

2013-04-27 07.38.36

Scotch tape is great to use for nail art because it allows you to set parameters on each nail. You can create easy stripes, checkerboard designs, and diamond or triangle shapes. If you are going to use scotch tape, though, make sure your nails are completely dry with their first coat before proceeding to put the scotch tape on. Otherwise you run the risk of the tape ruining your base color once you peel it off. Try experimenting with scotch tape to figure out what kinds of designs you can create.

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Geometric Shapes

2013-04-27 07.42.21
You can use tape to make geometric shapes by placing the tape at different angles and then painting your nail with the polish. Once it dries, gently peel off the tape and your design should be crisp and perfect!



This is my all-time favorite way to make nail designs using tape. All you need is some scotch tape and a pair of “crazy scissors” (pictured above!). Cut your scotch tape with the “crazy scissors” to create a lace-like edge. Then, use a dotting tool to make dots around and inside the curved areas of the “lace.” It’s easy as that! You’ll have an elegant look in a matter of minutes!

Caviar Nails

2013-04-27 07.47.44

Apply the first coat of your colored nail polish and let it dry. Then, apply a second coat. Make sure it’s awfully thick because this is how the beads are going to stick onto your nails!

Before you start, make sure the paper plate is situated underneath your hand in order to catch any of the extra beads that don’t stick to your polished nail. Then, before your second coat dries, take a pinch of beads and sprinkle them all over one of your nails. Gently press them into place using your finger. Repeat a second time until your whole nail is covered with beads. Make sure they’re pressed into the nail polish firmly so they don’t fall off easily!
Note: Don’t use nail glue to adhere the beads. They’ll come off easier! Nail polish creates a better adhesive.
Keep sprinkling the beads and pressing them into your wet polish for each one of your nails. You may have to sprinkle the beads more than twice, especially if there seems to be a lot of blank spaces.
The key is to let your nails dry completely to make sure the beads don’t fall off prematurely. Wait at least ten minutes to make sure they’re dry enough to move on
Complete your finished look with a top coat, but don’t brush it on or the beads might fall off. Instead, dab it on the edges of your nails, especially the tip. Also, if you brush the top coat on, the color of the beads might come off with the polish (and nobody wants that!)

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Ombre & Caviar Combined

2013-04-27 07.48.07