Fabulous Fashion Apps

We might be a small country at the bottom of the world…but we still love our fashion!

New Zealanders have our own unique sense of style and I believe some of the best designers in the world. We are so fortunate to live in a country where the industry is packed with amazing inspiration that reflects our lifestyle and our tastes.

That said, it is still great to be in tune with international trends and to keep in touch with what is happening in the coming seasons

Frustratingly with the size of our market here, sometimes there might be a special something you want that you just cannot find or you need a piece off-season and then the www becomes your shopping playground.

It can be overwhelming and somewhat frustrating when you start looking at international sites but help can be as close your your smartphone!

Fashion apps can mean the difference between staying informed about all the latest styles and trends, and missing out on the something truly gasp-worthy.

But with, literally, thousands of fashion apps available for download, how do you know which are worth your time and which are a waste of your time?

I can help. I’ve researched hundreds of fashion apps, and I’ve compiled a list of my faves


2013-04-26 16.32.10
If you’ve watched or read Lauren Weisberger’s “The Devil Wears Prada,”  you should already know  how important Women’s Wear Daily is to industry insiders. More than just a fashion website this is the industries ‘go-to’ for business news, marketing trends, runway reports and upcoming designers. It’s one of the most important fashion apps to stay up-to-the-minute on fashion industry news. Want to be in the know? Then this is the app for you.


2013-06-03 12.15.44

This is the app for the website Revolve Clothing but what I love is that as well as a ‘shopping’ site with amazing prices on designer brands, they have a great trend report section and a cool blog. The app is straight forward and easy to use and they ship to NZ quickly and for a reasonable price.

One thing to note when you purchase off-shore is you need to not only be mindful of  exchange rates and freight costs but also the potential to pay import duty and GST when it arrives here in NZ


2013-04-26 16.33.07
If you are super-serious about your style…for around the cost of a coffee, you can download this app to organize your closet and completely re-think the way you dress yourself each day. It also helps you track what you wore, and when, so you don’t wear the same exact outfit, exactly the same way.


2013-04-26 16.33.26
Not sure where to begin, what to search for or what to ask? Confused with the difference between a bolero and a shrug, you’re not alone… and this app is for you! It’s an illustrated glossary of everything fashion, helpful for those who are new to the fashion scene, and people who just love words.


2013-04-26 16.34.08
For the fashionista in you…without the hassle and commitment of a blog, Pose is the perfect app for you. It’s a sort of Instagram that is dedicated purely to fashion.

Its a free app and is the perfect mix of social media and fashion, enabling you to take a photo of what you’re wearing each day, and share it with the world at large. See who loves what you wore, and scroll through your feed for inspiration, too.


2013-04-26 16.34.33
weheartit is actually photography-sharing app…but I’ve gotten a lot of fashion inspiration here.

Download the free app and you’ll find ideas on color palettes, textures and shapes, and so much more


2013-06-03 12.37.08

Not really sure what your fashion style looks like? Create a Pinterest board called ‘My Style’ and from the plethora of images in the fashion sections create your own mood boards. You be amazed at how quickly you will see just what you like and what to buy. You can also follow equally stylish people to get new ideas and inspiration


2013-04-26 16.35.03
With Net-a-Porter you can shop for the latest on-trend styles with this  free fashion app. It has amazing glossy photos, so even if you are not shopping sometimes, a quick flip through this app is all I need for inspiration

Net-a-Porter does offer discounted prices but generally its pretty high end in the brands it stocks so you need to be really discerning (and don’t forget the NZ duty & GST threshold)


2013-04-26 16.40.48SOmetimes when you are out shopping, you need a second opinion before you splurge! And not from the shop assistant who will quite possibly tell you everything looks fabulous!  Should I choose red, black, green or blue? Post your pics to this app and see what your friends think is your best hue.
The app is also great for when you’re trying on outfits at home. It’s like living with your university roommate all over again.


2013-04-26 16.43.20
This is more of a magazine that gives you information trends and ideas for fashion beauty & lifestyle. Linked to POPSUGARSHOPPING you can use this app to find the best price world wide for anything you desire.


2013-04-26 16.44.19
This is the go-to source not only for up-to-the minute fashion news, show reviews and catwalk images, but an extensive archive that goes back to autumn/winter 2000. There are also interviews, beauty news and trend pieces to fill the gap between fashion weeks.


2013-06-03 12.16.18

Street-style fashion sometimes rivals the catwalks as a source of inspiration and entertainment. This app compiles in one place the most popular streetstyle snaps on the internet from sites such as The Satorialist, Face Hunter, Lookbook and Altamira NYC.


If you come across something off-shore and its too precious to say no to, but they do not ship to NZ or accept international cards…do not despair!

MyUS.com is a reliable (tried and tested) site that is free to join and for a small fee they will use their credit card (and charge yours) and/or ship to you here in New Zealand