Autumn Hair Fashion Trends

One of the few things I enjoy about the changing of the seasons is updating my wardrobe and the opportunity to get a little bit more adventurous with hair, makeup and accessories.


In summer it is generally too hot to get to fussy so we keep it simple and work on the ‘less is more’ idea, however as the weather cools down it is fun to ramp up the fashion and the first place to start is with your hair

Hair Ornaments

One thing I love about the autumn winter season increase in hair accessories. Messy beach hair is no longer the look and we can get a bit more creative. From cool mic hairpins to mexican inspired floral headpieces, adding a little embellishment is a very good thing this autumn. Looking at how the hair is styled for the fashion shows (Ny, London, Paris) NYFW is great when it comes to inspiration and trends. There is always a load of cool statement hair accessories turning up at multiple shows. Here in NZ it can be hard to track down fun hair accessories but there are a few chain stores (Diva, Glassons etc) to try here or online have a look at  Topshop or Shopbop or Polyvore

Buns Twists & Braids

This is a trend that has been around for a couple of seasons now. If you have hair longer than your collar there is a braided, twisted ‘up-do’ for you Whether braided around the crown, coiled half-back or knotted into an up-do, hair is getting manipulated into a fresh, new direction this season. While some looks require an extra set of hands, others put a simple and attainable twist on the classics. If you are ‘hair-challenged’ then get into see us at the salon and we can whip your hair into a cool style. Don’t be afraid though: practice makes perfect. You can book a ‘how-to’ lesson with us and our stylists will show you how. For the more adventurous out there, grab some OSiS Dust It and start watching how-to videos on Youtube. You’ll be surprised how simple some of these styles are to achieve.


Not the Amy Winehouse kind, think more vintage Sophia Loren. This is going to be a great style for fall brides who want to ditch the updos and go for something more modern.

Color Trends

Although the ombre has lasted longer than anyone could have imagined it is now slipping into retirement as a major colour trend. With its departure we have seen a strong shift towards more solid glossy panels of colour placed strategically to enhance the cut and the style of the hair
With such a natural ‘beachy’ summer look, it stands to reason that Autumn and Winter hair is bolder and the colours are more assertive
Shine, gloss and healthy hair is everything this season so you need to make sure your hair is in tip-top condition

Sixties Twist

Created in the 1960’s by the late Vidal Sassoon, this is one of the strongest and more influential trends ever. With the resurgence in fashion of all things 60’s, it is no wonder that the bob is back. Bobs come in all forms; concave (shorter at the back), modern (with more texture), lobs (the long bob) and then there are a multitude of fringe options!  The trick to wearing this well key to pulling of the perfect bob is finding a look that complements your bone structure. If you have a more round face, then opt for a lob with side-swept bangs. If you have a longer neck and pronounced chin, then a modern bob with a blunt fringe will make your eyes stand out.

Deep side part

Your parting defines the shape of your hairstyle. Sometimes fashion dictates that middle partings are a must, others that a bit on the side or even a zig-zag have got the nod from those in the know. The current trend is for low side partings, which facilitate the seductive Veronica Lake peekaboo fringe effect for blondes and a flamenco fatale vibe for brunettes.  The wider the part, the more open your eyes appear.  To get the most drama out of the part, I recommend using the highest point of your eyebrow as a point of reference. Using a fine-tooth comb, slowly draw your comb back from the crown to create the part. Once the part has been created, spray medium-hold hairspray onto a boar bristle brush and brush hair on both sides away from the part to set it. Next, spray hair all over with a lightweight hairspray.