Coachella Festival is an experience like no other…or certainly not like anything I have ever been to!

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It is so hard to explain the appeal…why the hell would you want to spend 3 days (twice) in the dust, the heat, the crowds and the noise?

But somehow when you take a polo field on the edge of the Mojave desert, more music than you can hope to see in 3 days, 75,000 people, 38 degree heat, sandy dust, a bunch of amazing people (we love love love our Coachella hippies)  you have the combination for one mad party!

Before you read anything more…you need to check out this YouTube clip


And before anyone asks…at 46 years old, I am by no means the oldest person there! The age range is amazing…from little toddlers to people in their 70’s, and although the crowd might be majority in their 20’s, they are totally accepting of everyone who takes the time to come out

This is our third year (but we have not attended 5 times as they run it for two weekends and we go both)

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The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival 2013 wrapped up with California rockers the Red Hot Chili Peppers ending the festival that draws thousands of music fans to the southern California desert.

2013 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival – Day 3

Spread out over two long weekends (April 12th-14th and April 19th-21st) the festival brought some of the most compelling rock, pop, hip hop and electronic music from around the world to play for fans willing to make the music lovers’ Hajj to Indio, California.


The festival was marked with surprise guest appearances, upstart acts outplaying the headliners, bewilderingly wonderful interactive art projects, and the best acts around — all happening in a gorgeous desert landscape


Our highlights of the 6 days (aside crazy laughter and love with our Coachella friends) – in no particular order – were Modest Mouse, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, blur, Band of Horses, alt J,  polica, the XX, The Postal Service, Pretty Lights, Hot Chip, Cafe Tacuba, Portugal; the man, Bat for Lashes, Rodriquez, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Janelle Monae…but the reality is there are no bad acts at Coachella


The diversity of acts across the 7 stages is amazing…no matter your taste in music there will be something there to suit you…and like I said…there are no bad acts at Coachella.


By virtue of the fact they are playing festival, you know they are either an up-and-comer or an already established industry great. Just because you don’t know them is never a reason to discount a band and every year be discover new talent and new music


Even with tow weekends, you still can’t see everything you want to see…there is so much good music its impossible to even stress yourself out trying to make a concrete plan!


The time and effort put into creating the space is awe-inspiring and anything we produce in New Zealand pales into insignificance with the attention to detail and the overall production experience


It truly is a music and arts festival…so much time and effort is put into the art installations and the creation of an ‘otherworldly’ space.


There are moments when you ask your self what the hell am I doing here? Why did I come, I am too old for this silliness, its too loud, there are too many people here…but then you close your eyes and listen to the unbelievable music, open your heart and absorb all the positive energy and before you know it…you are planning your trip for next year


It is mad, it it hot, it is dusty…there are a whole lot of crazy high people skipping and texting and laughing…but it also a whole lot of fun


If you love music and are open to the energy, enthusiasm and passion for life of a whole bunch of crazy excited people, then don’t be surprised if you go once, then like us you will make it an annual event

See you on the polo fields in 2014 y’all

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For more interactive imagery check out the Coachella link on Youtube

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