Kids with Cool Hair

If your kid is older than three years of age a cool hairstyle is a must.


Of course, children’s hair must also be easy to style and ready for horse play, roughhousing and also for school.


Short haircuts are the practical parent’s choice for boys and as long as your child can sit still long enough to create the shape you can have as stylish a haircut on a boy as any adult.

Girls are usually given a few more hairstyle choices although in most cases most little girls will have their hair mid-length to long.

A bob is a perfect option for a more stylish shape and you can create variety and change by using a fringe.


Many girls look to their mothers, older sisters, girlfriends or cousins for their hairstyle preferences. The hairstyle, mom’s purple nail polish, the neighbour’s colourful shirt or the best friend’s ballerina shoes are the outward signs of almost being a grownup or at least cool. Nobody works harder on being an adult than children. To look the part, they take most of their clues from the adults around them.


Sweet Hairstyles for Girls


All pretty and practical hairstyles are suitable for girls, while braided or twisted hairstyles are just a few of the choices. Not to be left out in this list are stylish short hairstyles. Most girls show their hairstyle preferences quite early, so you may need to start practicing early

Create a simple french braid


Create a fancy braided head band

How to do a ballet bun


How to do a fishtail braid

Using flowers, headbands, clips and ribbons are a great way to add colour and interest to your child’s hair style