Where in the world….

Where in the world are they now?

Some people say it with love…some say it in bewilderment…but the Morgan’s have a few great passions in life; their hair salon & all the people who make it the greatest place in the world to work (clients & staff), their friends, their puppies, music and travel!

Those that know them understand that combining travel with music makes up for the most exciting part of their year!

“Every time we go away, we have people asking us about our latest adventure; so I thought this time we would give you a little window into our adventures in Los Angeles, Miami, Mexico & Coachella”

Right now we are in Los Angeles (staying with our friends on the Venice Beach canals), but about to get on a plane to fly across to the east coast of the US to Florida. So far all we have done is recover from the flight over, although we did have a quick stop at the Santa Monica Farmers markets yesterday.


“The first leg of the journey begins in Miami, firstly with a 3-day music festival that we have never been to before (in fact we have never been to Miami together before)


The event is Ultra Music Festival  and it is 3 days of electronic dance music in a park in downtown Miami. To be perfectly honest, we are not sure that we have the energy for what looks like a mammoth event, but we will give it our best shot!


Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of half of these…neither have we but that is the fun!

The great thing with Miami is that even if we only hang out at UMF for a couple of hours a day, we are in one of the coolest cities in the US

We will post some photos in the next newsletter so that you get an idea of what went down and how we survived!


After Ultra, we are staying on in South Beach Miami for a few extra days to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary by renewing our vows. Who doesn’t like the chance to put on a great new frock and tell the person you have loved, lived with and worked with all this time that you are pleased to be married to them….again photos to follow!

From there we head down to our favorite destination Mexico for a long awaited “honeymoon”


The trip finishes as it began with music…we are back at Coachella (for the third year)


The great thing with this festival is we do know what we are getting ourselves into and over the years we have made some amazing friends who we are really excited to see

All that dancing…we are hoping to come back home fit and ready to make 2013 the best year possible!