best hair trends of 2013


The Big Bob

A sophisticated look with a modern attitude for all women who love to play with different volumes and lengths

Big Bob unites several decades and centuries – the wild 60s meet the lavish Renaissance era.

Adele and Amy Winehouse were the inspiration behind this contemporary style which looks just as fabulous with an elegant Oscar de la Renta dress as it does with a t-shirt and jeans.

“The focus is on the interplay between different degrees of volume on the sides and the back of the head”, explains M2 training manager Erin Walters “By backcombing and turning under the long hair to create a fake bob, we also create horizontal volume.” The result is a style that looks elegant and slightly retro in one context and modern and opulent in others.

Multiple shades of blonde from corn blond to oak wood give the look an incredible coolness. Bleached eyebrows, eye-liner or eye shadow in pink, green and violet and natural nude lips, round off the look and make it stunningly perfect.

Styling Instructions for the Big Bob

1. Use volumising shampoo to wash your hair. Then blow-dry your hair until it is slightly damp while hanging your head upside down.2. Apply heat protectant spray to your hair. Then blow-dry it completely while pulling it over a round brush.
3. Gently move the covering hair out of the way and secure it with clips. Now tease the lower portion of the hair (the layer underneath the covering hair) using a comb. Single out a few strands, brush them against the grain and apply hairspray to the underside.
4. Now release the tucked away covering hair and comb it in a smooth layer over the teased hair.
5. Create a short middle parting if this is your style.
6. Gather your hair in a loose ponytail and secure it with a thin scrunchy. Now pull the scrunchy down close to the end of the ponytail. Guide the scrunchy toward your scalp so that the (former) ponytail forms an inside loop. This loop creates the fake bob. Secure the scrunchy and the hair ends with invisible bobby pins underneath the loop.


Snow White has grown-up and liberated herself; the fairy tale princess steps out into the modern world in a smart business look

Gloss is a particularly feminine look, which gets its modernity from a liberal dash of 1980s edginess. Perfect for a self-assured woman who isn’t afraid to experiment, a woman with a strong personality who loves to flaunt her femininity. Below shoulder-length hair falls in generous, soft but controlled waves below the chin. “Whether it’s worn with a side parting, centre parting or asymmetrically, hair curlers or curling tongs are essential for this look. A glossy finish perfects the style”, says M2 Style Director Casey Kenny.
Dark hair colours ranging from warm shades of brown to dark brown or black give the style strength and boldness. The make-up for this look: glossy eye shadow in bright colours and red or dark shiny lips that reflect the radiance of the hair.

Styling Instructions for the Gloss Hairstyle

1. Shampoo your hair and blow-dry it while pulling it over a round brush. Stop blow-drying when your hair is still slightly damp.
2. You create the large waves by rolling your hair from chin level to the end on large curlers or over a large-diameter curling iron. (Don’t forget to apply heat protectant first!) Leave the curlers or the curling iron in your hair for a short while. Allow your hair to cool before you remove the curlers or the curling iron. All you then have to do is pulling your hair in shape using your fingers.
3. Finally, comb your hair and apply extra-gloss hairspray.


Fashion plays with unexpected colour combinations, mixed materials and multiple layering. Inspired by this expressive colourful variety in Sleekcolor the main focus is on colour

Multicoloured highlights and streaks, expressive ombre looks, coloured roots or tips – in this explosive interplay of colours there are no limits. Sleekcolor is a cool look inspired by street looks which flatters women of all ages who love to celebrate their own, distinctive style. “You can wear it with an evening gown or with a punky outfit with a leather jacket and biker boots; in this style the coloured hair is worn with a centre parting, overlong and ultra-glossy or as an asymmetrical undercut”, explains Jennifer Morgan. Bold eyebrows and precisely painted lips in red or pink emphasize the look.

Styling Instructions for the Sleek Colour Look

The two-tone look is best achieved with pre-bleached hair because it allows the later applied red colour to glow.
Use a flat iron to create the perfect sleek look. Apply a straightening spray to keep your hair smooth for a couple of days. Use gentle shampoo for dyed hair for long-lasting colour protection and glowing lustre.


Fringer celebrates all shades of red from copper to rhubarb and brick red, and it pays tribute to all redheads or those aiming to go red

A young modern look for women who like to stand in the spotlight. “What’s special about this trend is the wide fringe which is cut straight and boxy”, explains Erin Walters. “We saw lots of short fringes on the catwalks, but an eyebrow-length fringe is easier to wear and it suits most women.”

Styling Instructions for the Fringer Look

The style is easy: the roots are blow-dried on a round brush to give volume, the lengths are straightened with tongs. The make-up shifts the focus to the eyes; dark gothic eye make-up, natural eyebrows and nude lips give the look a mystic touch.