It’s a strange thing with hair…its seems most of us want what we don’t have and no matter your natural colour or texture there is a part of us that thinks that others have it easier!

We change the color, have extensions put in because we can’t persuade it to grow longer, straighten our curls or have curls put in when it’s straight.

Your hair can often cause more frustration than any other aspect of our appearance, perhaps because it’s so much a part of our image. An amazing haircut can transform you from average to extraordinary in a few short snips!

Change is great and its fun to play with colour and texture and length but essentially you want to work with what you were born with for the best results!



Although you can change a lot about your tresses, there are some things you have to work with. Perhaps you find it frustrating because it’s so curly, and you can’t do a thing with it. Instead of hating your hair, learn to work with it. Yes…you can straighten it…but anyone who has ever done that for any length of time knows your hair will suffer in the end! Get a great cut and find products that work for you.



If you’ve always hated your hair, then it’s time to stop and take a closer look. Is it really that bad? You might think it’s a boring mousy brown or a dull blonde, but a closer glance will show the different shades. If you accent your hair with a shades that are close to your natural, not only will you have better hair health but also less regrowth and a colour that will compliment your skin

If your hair is curly…embrace the wildness and play with the colour.

Curly hair needs to be nourished and hydrated…it does not need to have textured added with the colour (you have this in abundance, what it needs is condition and shine

If you have fine straight hair, no matter how much you crave volume and fullness, you hair is going to look its best if you play up the shine factor!

Work with what you have to accentuate your natural colouring and texture and you will be amazed how well your hair responds



Whatever your hair type, and however much you hate it, I can guarantee someone else wishes that they had your hair! The funny thing about hair is most of us have moment where we have ‘hair envy’….someone else is looking at your hair and wishing it was theres!

Personally I would give my right arm for a mad crazy afro…and my ‘bff’ who has wild Nicaraguan hair loves my soft, fine blonde hair!


Celebs at Marc Jacobs Fashion Show Spring 2007

Learning to be happy with your hair makes your life a lot more practical. Instead of having to spend hours every morning straightening your hair (which isn’t good for the condition), you can get ready much faster if you accept your natural hair.

The reality is your hair can only do so much and you can only change it so far…so ask your stylist and colourist what (in their experience) works best for the hair type and colour you were born with.

Some hair types are better shorter, some longer….some texture explodes if you over layer it and some requires regular texturizing….getting great advice for a style to work with your hair will save you a heap of heartache



Celebrities have stylists and makeup artists and on-staff hair stylists…so when you see a picture of a celebrity or model, remember it took a team of people to get their hair like that. Although it is fabulous for a special occasion, it’s pretty hard for most of us (except a blessed few who have perfect hair texture) to have Hollywood hair for every day. On the flipside of this…don’t think that your hair looks great “wash’n’wear”! You can ruin a perfectly good fashion look but not paying enough attention to your hair. If you have the right cut and colour for your hair texture AND your lifestyle, you should be able to get a fantastic look every day in no more than 10-15 minutes.

When you meets someone, the first thing they will see about you is your hair (because it is at eye level). If you hair is ungroomed, your colour needs touching up or the condition is dire…it sends a message to everyone who sees you. If you have a chic and stylish haircut, your hair is shiny and your colour looks great, not only do you look totally put together, but chances are you will feel great as well! Invest in great hair and you can simplify your fashion styling and let your tresses do the talking!


If you wish you could wave a magic wand and get the hair of your dreams, or you’re unhappy with your natural color or hair type, try to see it a different way. Your hair is probably much nicer than you think it is. It’s fun to experiment with color and try a different image, but that’s different from hating your hair or fighting with it every day!