make up tips to keep you looking younger

top tips to keep you looking your best


I don’t know what is says about modern western society but it seems like most of us want to look younger, face it, even if you are twenty-five, you want to appear twenty! About the only time we strive to look alder than we are is when we are in our teens and trying to sneak into something we are too young to legitimately be at!

As someone in the 40+ stage, I have put together a few makeup tips that I have learned over the years to help you look more youthful.



Dry skin is a visible sign of skin aging. Healthy, young skin maintains appropriate moisture. As we age, the skin produces fewer ceramides, lipids, and fatty acids to seal the moisture barrier, resulting in an increase in dryness.

So before you even consider applying makeup (ideally when your skin is still damp from cleansing) apply an appropriate moisturizer.



With age there may be more you have more to conceal, but the wrong concealer can draw attention to lines and crepiness.

With older skin the outer skin layer thins and the number of pigment containing cells decreases, but at the same time increase in size. Aging skin thus appears thinner, more pale, and clear. Large pigmented spots (called age spots, liver spots) may appear in sun-exposed areas.

The blood vessels also become more fragile which can lead to visible capillaries, bruising, bleeding under the skin and similar conditions.

You want a product that hides imperfections without getting cakey, and that means you want a liquid cover-up in a click pen.


eyeshadow base

Fine lines on your eye lids can cause shadow to crease to pat a small amount of eye-shadow base or primer on the lids before your shadow will keep it in place.



With age your skin will change…it may not be as smooth as it once was and you will want to make sure that you find a foundation that is going to cover any imperfections that you have! Choose a foundation with a slightly yellowish tone, it warms up the skin and will make it look younger and healthier.



When you start to get a little older, powder can actually rest and crease right in your wrinkles so you need to be super careful about what you use. If you feel naked without powder, use translucent, light-diffusing powder, nothing tinted, to set your base and apply it in sunlight so you know what it actually looks like. But why not use a really lightweight foundation one that gets rid of oil but also looks flawless on!



No one…at any age should cake on the makeup…in all reality it doesn’t look good on anyone, at any age except on a theatre stage or fashion shoot. So one of the top makeup tips to make you look younger is to not over do it! It doesn’t look natural or flattering and why would you want to cake on layer after layer of makeup that will just sink into any lines that you might have?



For an instant cheek lift, place your blush brush at the highest point of your cheekbone and apply colour in a circular motion. Go for warm peach, apricots, or bronzes since they create less contrast and make you look younger.



Nothing, nothing, nothing makes you look older than powder formulas, so go for creams, gels, liquids…the more hydrated your skin, the younger it looks.


lip liner

It’s a dead giveaway as you start to get older (or if you have ever been a smoker), your lipstick and even your tinted lip gloss can run a little, as the lines of your lips start to soften. Lip liner is a great way to keep your lipstick and lip gloss in check! One makeup tip to make you look younger to follow is using lip liner that matches your lipstick exactly.


cover girl # 17b

There are tons of ways to draw drama to your eyes and face without dark, dark colours. It can be a challenge to make the switch but as you are get a little older, try lightening up your colours a little? If you have been using black eyeliner since school days, it might be time to think about grey or brown.



Try experimenting with what colours work best with your skin tone as your skin changes. You might want to try to warmer colours like golds and bronzes rather than cooler tones like blues, greys and violets, which can be draining.



An eyelash curler can actually make your eyes stand out that much better and can actually make them appear bigger and brighter. Add in a bit of mascara and you’ll see just how amazing your lashes look! Eyelashes flatten as you age, and you need to keep everything going upward, against gravity. Even if you skip mascara, curling your lashes makes your eyes look more open.



When we are young, the whites of your eyes are thinner and more translucent and so appear more blue/white; as we age, it becomes thicker so there is less blusish white showing through. In some of us, an accumulation of fat in the thin membrane lining the outside of the eyelid can cause a yellowish tint. Some people with darker skins will have darker eyes as they age due to melantonin.

So eyedrops can be part of a makeup tips to make you look younger by making the whites of your eyes appear whiter and brighter. This in turn can make you look so much younger



Not really a makeup tip…but something to keep in mind is your teeth!

Like your eyes, yellowing of your teeth can be part of the aging process and its amazing how discoloured teeth make such a difference, so if yours are no longer pearly white a quick trip to the dentist might be in order. I recently had mine whitened at  Dentist on Shakespeare in Milford – OMG what a difference a bright smile can make!