Great Hair at Any Age

Hair is one of our best accessories…a great cut and colour and well styled hair can make the simplest outfit look perfect.

Age is only a number but sometimes it can be a little confusing what is the ideal style that is youthful yet age appropriate:

In Your 20’s:
The twenty-something woman has so many opportunities to develop and explore her style through fashion, beauty and lifestyle choices.

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This is an experimental time where anything goes and you are young enough (and fabulous enough) to wear any style you choose. A lot of twenty-something women make the transition from teenage long to twenties chic and develop their own personal style with hair as a key accessory. Generally at this stage of your life you are more social and adventurous and this should be reflected in the risks you take with your hair. With the likelihood of less ‘life’ responsibilities this is the time for high maintenance hair so make sure you have fun.

In Your 30’s:
As women approach their thirties, they often look to convey a more polished, elegant or refined look.


For many women the transition into your “thirth-somethings’ can be somewhat challenging, developing a new sense of style as you emerge into adulthood. Depending on your circumstances, life in your thirties can be a little more hectic balancing work, family and life expectations. A mid-length haircut can revive self-confidence in a way that can be low-maintenance when needed but can still be adapted different textures from sleek and straight during the day to wavy or curly for evening styles.

If you have a busy lifestyle this can be the time to keep your style simple and easy to manage. Avoiding over-layered hair can be a great option, ask for something that has a strong perimeter and face framing layers is a stylish but easy to manage idea.

Another great option for the confident is a short statement haircut (think Anne Hathaway) just remember with short hair you will proably need to have a regular salon appointment to keep it looking sharp

Have fun with your colour in your thirties, that way you can make your hair modern fashion-forward and create change…all the while keeping it low maintenance and easy to manage

Clip on extensions can be used to add length and drama.  A half up/down do’ is a lovely casual look for medium length hair. For women in their thirties who have longer hair, braids are a great evening option. Twist only half the braid into a bun and let the rest fall beautifully down the back. These styles are quick and require minimal effort, perfect for the busy thirty-something.

In Your 40’s:
At this point most women have had a couple of decades of style experimentation and have an idea of what they do and don’t like.

On the flip-side of this, for many 10-15 years of parental responsibilities (where your own personal fashion style can be somewhat less important) often result in a sense of indecision or insecurity about what to, and not to wear!


There is also the little voice of your mother (or grandmother) telling you that you are now to old for long hair and it is time to be more ‘age-appropriate’. There is nothing wrong with long hair in your forties but the key word has to be CONDITION

After a certain age, many find their hair becomes drier, and the texture seems coarser and more brittle than before. This is in part because the body’s production of sebum, a naturally-created lubricant of the skin and hair, slows down. The hair may become more porous and lose its elasticity as a result. Sebum production is estimated to decrease by 10% for every decade we live.

Dealing with this problem is relatively easy. For starters look to the inside by evaluating your eating habits. Make sure you are getting a healthy diet, rich in anti-oxidant foods and try to focus on calcium rich foods and foods containing vitamins A, E and C as well as Omega-3 Fatty Acids. You should also make sure to drink at least 64 ounces of water a day.

Because your hair changes its condition as you age, regular in-salon treatments are going to make the most amount of difference to the hairs shine and manageability. Strengthening services like BlowOut or Keratin Complex can be supplemented by moisture treatments at home

You also need to look carefully at your styling products. Avoid products containing alcohol and which are prone to create build-up on the hair. Soft styling is much preferred over the stiff, structured looks of our younger days, and alcohol-free products don’t dry out the hair the way those with alcohol can.

As a woman approaches and gets into her forties, grey hair does too (sometimes even earlier). Some women suit grey in their hair, however it can be aging and with modern products their are a multitude of options to disguise, mask or blend this into your own natural hair

When it comes to growing older, one of the more frightening changes is thinning of the hair

One common cause of hair loss is low thyroid function, which occurs commonly in women experiencing menopause. In addition, as we age, the growth rate of the hair slows down, meaning that when hairs are shed, they are more slowly replaced.

You may want find a new look that is more flattering for you now that your hair’s density has changed. For most women with thinning hair, a shorter, layered style is much more flattering and is easier to style. You may want to learn techniques of styling to add fullness to the hair as well. Adding curl and root lift products can make a world of difference.

You also want to bear in mind that your hair’s loss of density means that heat styling is harsher. That half-inch thick slice of hair that you wrap around the curling iron has fewer strands than it used to have and therefore less hair to distribute the heat too. This makes the hairs that are left bear the brunt of the heat and they can be damaged easily if you don’t compensate by using lower heat settings. The loss of density affects everything from blow-drying (use less heat and a wide tooth brush to gently direct the hair), and curling irons, flat irons and hot rollers (all of which should be used on much lower heat settings to prevent overheating the hair).

In Your 50’s and on:
Just because a woman turns fifty, doesn’t mean she should cut her hair short. Women in their fifties are beautiful, sexy and more stylish than ever.

To enforce confidence, the ultimate hairstyle is mid length cut with some layers or a fringe.


For a refined style add a radiant gloss over the natural hair color with a few highlights around the face for luminosity. A straight blow dry during the day easily transitions to evening by adding soft curls.