Daring colours may seem scary, but they don’t have to be!

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You can have a bold new and exciting effect without colouring your hair crazy bright Crayola colours – not that we are saying that fluro-pop can’t be fun!!

You can change up your hair just by going a more dramatic shade of your normal hair colour. These bold hair ideas will take your hair colour up a notch!



This vibrant hair colour idea is a great alternative to natural red hair. A rich, rusty copper hair colour will add dimension and drama to your look. This tone brings out blue eyes and looks great on people with pale skin. Copper fits into 2 categories…yellow based and pink based so most people can find a shade to suit their skin tone.

Dark Red


After seasons of natural browns, caramels and blondes a gorgeous dark red will give you a sultry, daring look without colouring your hair anything too wild.. This subtle, yet daring dark red is a great way to amp up your look and is a fun change if you have been playing it safe with the ultra naturals

Blue Black


This black that’s so black it appears blue is a head-turning daring hair colour idea. Shiny, blue-black hair is gorgeous! This alternative to classic black hair color will give your hair the change it’s been needing.  It is a dramatic change, so just make sure you’re ready! Although all-over black seems like the easiest colour in the world to have done, it is really important that it is applied properly and the right product is used or it can be murder to get out later when you want another change!

Platinum Ice


Draw attention to yourself by coloring your hair an icy platinum blonde! This daring hair colour idea makes a statement without going too far outside the box. Platinum is great for those who want to pump up their already blonde hair colour! If you naturally have dark hair this might not be the best look for you…unless you love us enough to visit every 3 weeks

Deep Purple


This deep purple hair colour is a great shade to enhance brunette or black hair. This daring hair colour idea will liven up your existing shade without changing it too drastically. Deep purple enhances your complexion as well making it a fantastic shade for both your hair and skin!  It also looks fantastic with blue, green, hazel, or brown eyes!



More than copper…this fun hair colour idea may sound scary, but it’s actually quite beautiful when done properly! Start with a blonde base and add an bright intense golden copper shade to get the ideal orange shade. Leave some blonde highlights to enhance the look and add dimension to this gorgeous hair colour!

Pastel Tips

pastel tips

Pastel coloured tips are still enjoying their time in the limelight. It’s become one of the most popular new hair trends, and if you haven’t already tried it then now is the time to give it a go. You don’t have to choose a permanent colour as there are temporary and wash-out options available. Admittedly, this trend is easier achieved on lighter hair.

Fire Engine Red


There’s nothing more fierce then a fire engine red hair. Maybe that’s why celebrities like Rihanna have sported this in the past. If you are thinking of this colour for yourself, keep in mind that red is one of the hardest colors to maintain because it often fades quickly. A bright red is a great starter for people wanting to try out a unique hair colour because it is not completely unnatural especially if you’re already a natural red head. Your colourist will give you the advise you need to keep your colour looking bright over the summer months

Silver Grey


This has been a big trend for a few months now! Most women dread knowing that someday they will start growing in grey hair. This look needs patience to achieve as your hair will need to be lightened to as clean and clear as possible and then toned to create the silver effect.  Use a silver and blue maintenance shampoo to keep the colour fresh and plan an ‘in-between’ glaze to make sure you colour stays true

Pastel Hair

pastel pink hair color

Looking for a softer colour to have in your hair? Pastels are definitely the way to go. These powdery color hues give off a candy-like essence and is the reason why some people refer to it as getting cotton candy hair. There are lots of ways to wear pastel tones – this can be a really soft wearable option at any age

Coloured Ombre


Just because you want a fun hair colour, doesn’t mean you can’t follow the latest hair trends like ombre! The natural brown and blonde ombre has been ‘on-trend’ for quite some time now so this is a fresh take on what has become a classic

Colour Blocking

Style: "UTA"

If you want something dramatic, but not over the top…well placed contrasting panels or blocks make for a really great option.