Smile Bright!

I recently was invited to experience the Britesmile Teeth Whitening Treatment by the lovely girls at Dentist on Shakespeare 

It is amazing how aging stained or yellowed teeth are, and although I did not think my teeth were particularly bad…but OMG what a difference!





Here is what I learned about the process…

They always recommend to their patients to have a scale & polish (clean) done by the dental hygienist either 1 – 2 weeks prior to having the Britesmile treatment done or on the day of their appointment just so they are starting on a “clean” surface and can achieve the best result possible.  Attempting to whiten teeth that have plaque/calculus build up or general stains doesn’t result in the best result at the end.

Before starting the whitening process the dental hygienist records what shade your teeth are to begin with and a photo may be taken.  Protective eye wear a.k.a the cool orange, oversized sunnies are placed as well as cheek retractors, an optic positioner (bite stick), facial napkin and cotton rolls – upper and lower so that we are able to whiten your teeth easily and effectively.  A type of gel is applied to the gums to act as a barrier/protector for your gums and this is set (hardened) by using the blue UV light.  A sunscreen (masking cream) is applied to the patients nose/lower facial areas to protect the skin from any possible damage from the UV light.

The whitening gel is then applied 1-2mm thick onto the teeth’s front surfaces, the blue UV light is then interlocked onto the bite stick and the light activated for a pre-programmed 20 minute cycle.

After each 20min cycle the used whitening gel is removed and a new coat applied, this can be repeated up to a maximum of 4 cycles or until the desired result is achieved.

Once the desired result has been achieved the whitening gel, barrier gel, sunscreen and materials are all removed and a relief gel is either applied to the teeth for 5 minutes and then removed or alternatively if the patient is experiencing sensitivity the relief gel or mineral cream (Clinpro tooth crème) is worn in the patients beaching trays for one hour.

The patient is instructed not to eat/drink for a minimum of 30minutes and given instructions on food/drinks they should avoid for a minimum period of 3 days but longer if possible.

Food/drinks to avoid include tea, coffee (especially black!), beetroot, curries, spag bol, red wine, coloured drinks – basically you are on a white food diet for a minimum of 3 days.

Patients are also given a take home maintenance kit consisting of a Britesmile mouth wash, Britsemile toothpaste and 9 syringes of whitening gel to help maintain their new, brighter, whiter smile for 1 – 2 years.  After the first year of monthly maintenance (for a minimum of 30minutes at a time or over night as preferred) as long as the patient has good oral hygiene and home care, is not a smoker, heavy coffee/tea/red wine drinker you should find that your smile stays white and only needs an occasional maintenance treatment every 6months which can be done at home.

Love my new clean bright smile and will definitely have it again!

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