You are invited to an arm party?!?

Summer 2013’s Hottest Accessory Trend

It seems like the last big accessory trend was statement necklaces with layers upon layers of beads, chain, ribbon….you name it.

Fantastic for winter when layering up garments and bold jewelry statements go hand in hand

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This summer however, more and more fashionistas are jumping in on the stacked bracelet trend…and it seems as though the more eclectic your bracelets are, the better!

This new trend is being referred to in the fashion blogs and magazine (and by hipsters in the know) as an “arm party”

So what is an ‘arm party’?

Well at first it might seem like an excuse to wear ever every piece of arm jewelry you own (bangles, cuffs, watches, woven friendship bracelets, string, and knotted wristlets). And in some ways this is right however to master this trend there need to be a little bit of thought put in.
There’s an art to creating an arm party. It is balances between chaos (the carefree, throw on every bangle, friendship bracelet, and cuff you’ve ever owned), and carefulness (a well-designed structure with specific bracelet placement)….sounds complicated; but really at the end of the day it is fashion so have as much fun as you like!

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Still go for quality

No matter the trend, unless you are in the under 30 set, it pays to adopt any fashionable look with an eye on quality. If you are sporting an armful of plastic bracelets at over 40, you could look a little like you are doing your best Bet Lynch imitation (Coronation St reference here…truly showing my age). Although you want to be mindful that trends come and go and you don’t want to over invest, if you are smart you can buy pieces that will have some longevity or can be worn a different way. Stick with wood, silver, gold, silk, rope, semi-precious stones and leave the fake metal and the plastic to the kids who can’t afford better

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So avoid the ‘diva’ stores (young, cheap Oz chain) and look out for cool quality boutique brands to make this trend rock no matter your age.

Some brands we love….well obviously MADÉ is a favorite of ours…for obvious reasons! We also love love love the New Zealand brand Jessica Aggrey . Both these brands are affordable priced and high quality ranges that have longevity (rather than something you will wear this summer and then discard)  Another local brand Esteem do high quality silver & gold plated jewelry and have lots of items perfect for stacking

Jessica Aggrey Seychelles Cuff

Jessica Aggrey Seychelles Cuff

For daytime:

Try pairing bracelets in a similar color scheme and opt for thinner bangles in a muted tone instead of the thick bright neon bracelets. If you’re not comfortable with your complete arm covered in jewelry, start with just a few pieces. An easy way to begin is by stacking thin bangles in the same color family, or even all black and white bracelets.

And if you’re worried about the noise factor (metal bracelets tend to clang together), switch to “five or six multi-colored woven friendship or rope bracelets tied on one arm or go for semi-precios beads. ALthough they do clink, it is a much softer sound that metal on metal!


For night:

Anything goes! Experiment with rhinestone bracelets, shine, different colors and unique textures.


There is really more versatility with bracelets that ever before so just have fun with this in the moment fashion trend!

2012-12-02 00.08.32

Watches are definitely welcome at an arm party. From a chunky men’s watch to a delicate, feminine timepiece, these touches add a sophisticated vibe to your overall stacked look.
As to where you place the watch, it all depends on your own style. “I personally mix my watch in the middle of my bracelets, and like to vary the textures of the baubles to include both metal and leather, string, or rope


Check out the wrists of your favorite celebrities these days – chances are you’ll see wristfuls of stackable stretch bracelets! These beaded bracelets are so much fun to wear because they really give you a chance to show your personality.

The beads might be wooden, or semi-precious stones, or even silver or crystals. Or they might be a mixture of any of these on one bracelet. Some of them have one charm hanging from them.


The fun thing is to find bracelets that really speak to you – that really show what you love. Then, you mix and match them all together to make a style all your own!

1212 stacked bracelets InStyle Makeover 3 styles REV

Feeling brave?

If you feel like your other arm is looking a little lonely? Start stacking — you can have two arm parties at the same time.

Keep in mind that this can look a little over accessorized if you are not careful. Wearing bracelets on both wrists is definitely eye-catching, but maybe keep the rest of your jewelry minimal and as you making quite the accessory statement you might want to wear this with a simple understated outfit…think jeans & a plain white tee or a simple black dress!!