My great big geeky science project!

I have to admit…I have always been a bit of a geek!

One of those odd folk who get excited by excel spreadsheets, love computers, I have always been the person who wanted to know the details of ‘how’ things work or ‘why’ things are the way they are?! I must have driven my parents crazy when I hit the dreaded “why” stage of my childhood!

I think I got into hairdressing because I loved arts & crafts (but was never good enough or disciplined enough to make a living from it) and then got into colouring because I loved science (but was never detailed enough to be a scientist) and then got into salon management so I would have excuse to sit in front of a computer screen much of the day!

I am always looking for a little side project…often old school arty stuff and my poor husband has suffered through my latest craze of…cross-stitching, decoupage, patch working, water colours, perfume making….and on and on…

Recently I went up to Bali and not only enjoyed the great food, the warm weather and the amazing Balinese culture, but also had some amazing treatments in their fabulous spas…

I mean really, who could say no to treatments like this…”Taboo…thick luscious chocolate smothered all over your body, covering you in lavish liquid heaven. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Feel your skin lap up the goodness of lush cocoa butter. Deep moisturiser, powerful antioxidant, tested aphrodisiac, endorphin releasing gem. Finish the treatment with golden honey to seal the goodness in”

While I was there, it got me to thinking (often a dangerous thing) that the project I have talked about for years – creating our own natural range of haircare & skincare products and realised it was never going to amount to anything if I didn’t make a start!

Inspired by Bali but determined to make something uniquely ours, I set about researching ingredients, formulas and ingredient suppliers – not to mention packaging experts – to come up with some products we could be proud of.

For years I have had an interest in the ingredients and formulae of the products we use in our salon and have spent a lot of time researching what is in the ranges we offer to our clients

I love the idea of natural products but have always asserted that performance is equally as important – no point in being natural if it doesn’t work!

As a colourist, I know what I need to ensure the health of the hair fibre and the longevity of the reflect and as much as it would be useful to say the product was organic I have become realistic about what that actually means and how much it has become an overused cliche in the beauty industry. Our products will be as natural as they can be while still providing great results for our clients.

When you think natural…often what comes to mind it kitchen ingredients…avocado, banana, honey etc. but in fact the real chemists have cleverly extracted all the active properties from the plants so you can utilise the benefits (without the mess)

SO I have read…and I have researched…and I have searched the www until I got to a point where I had enough information to make a start. Along the way I have met some amazing people who are so passionate about the ingredients they sell or the products they make

Initially I thought shampoo & conditioner would be the logical starting point, but experimentation had not lead me to understand that shampoo is a tricky product to make (well). Conditioner, I understand. Its still complicated with emollients, oils, proteins that have to be blended but its quite an intuitive process once you understand the basics. In fact I am pretty proud of both my Miracle Hydrating Treatment and my Therapy Treatment Mask

Shampoo on the other hand is a tricky wee beast, blending surfactants (that’s the bubbles) but ensuring the product will foam enough to keep you satisfied, while being gentle to the hair and with a consistency that is easy to use…and then you have to master the fragrance.

While in Bali, I came up with a concept for the range name

Made’ is a traditional Balinese name (given to the second born son) but obviously in English has a whole other meaning – perfect for a product that was inspired in Bali but made here in Auckland

The symbol Ahimsa (Sanskrit: अहिंस) is a term literally meaning ‘to do no harm’ which is the most important part of the range. Using sustainable naturally derived ingredients to create a gentle product to care for skin & hair

So far, I am confident about the body products and hair treatments and I will have a colour safe (so so important) sulphate free, treatment conditioner that smells great and cleanses well (but gently) before the end of the year.

As my interest has grown I have diversified int candles and hand wash and most recently fragrance and am working on perfecting the fragrance mixes so have something for next year

Stay tuned…I will have something to show for myself in the next month and some of our Morgan & Morgan clients will get a preview around Christmas time

Pretty exciting project…watch this space!