M2 Star Staff


Kelly Weaver

The beauty of being a hairdresser and makeup artist is that I have the ability of making people feel amazing!

I enjoy seeing people smile and walk out of the salon feeling confident and ready to face the world!

I keep up to date with the current trends in the fashion world and with 8 years experience in the industry can give you a tailor made haircut to suit your face shape, hair type and lifestyle.

To top it all off I can give you advice and apply make up to suit your age, skin and eyes.

What is one thing that your clients (and the M2 team) don’t know about you that you are happy to share with us?

I lived on a Greek island for 2 months

What got you into hairdressing in the first place?

Since I was a little girl I have always loved playing with peoples hair and experimenting with make up. I love being creative and love fashion!

What emerging or current fashion trends are you looking forward to this summer?

I’m excited for crochet to come back, soft pastels, and neon colours!

What advice to do give your clients to make sure their hair stays in great condition?

Heat protection! Thermal tools dehydrate our hair so much!

Regular treatments either at home or in the salon.

Change your shampoo and conditioner to suit your hair condition. (Don’t stick to one shampoo that you like the smell of)

What is your prediction for the hottest hair looks for the summer?

Braids, soft and simple up do’s, natural movement, beachy and messy!

If you were going on a summer holiday and could only take 6 things with you…what would they be?

1. bikini

2. gin and tonic

3. iPhone

4. Sam (boyfriend)

5. sun block

6. my favourite summer dress

What advice do you give to your clients every time to make sure there hair looks hot in between salon visits?

I think people should embrace their natural hair, curly or straight. I would give them a cut to suit them and them show them how to style it at home which will be easy and realistic for them to do at home.

If you were not a hairdresser, what else would you like to do?

Interior designer

What are your ‘sure-fire’ tips for shiny hair?

 Oil miracle…for fine or thick hair…works a treat!

Do you have any other hobbies or passions outside of the hair industry?

Exercise and shopping. Makes me feel amazing!