Tips for Perfect Lips!

 If you have never worn lipstick in the past, it can be a bit daunting.

Its odd how such a little thing can make such a difference when you look at yourself in the mirror?
If you are nervous about wearing lipstick the trick is choosing the right lipstick color for you. With so many different shades and tones, types and textures it can be a bit overwhelming so here are a few things to think about.


Skin tone is something that might seem simple to an expert…but if you are not sure have a look at your freckles…are they a peachy gold colour (warm) or a mushroomy pink colour (cool).
Next time you are in, ask one of our colourists to go through a Colour Consultation to determine whether you are warm/cool or neutral.
If you have more of a cooler undertone choose colours with a blue tint like rich reds and pale pinks. Warmer undertones can wear corals, red-orange and browns. If you have a neutral undertone you are safe with any lip color.

What Time Is It?

If you are brave (and a bit of a fashionista) you can wear any colour you feel like and time you want…but for most people it depends upon the time of day or the occasion. Lighter colors are best for daytime. Also consider matte or cream finishes over gloss for daytime. Dark glossy colors are great for evening dates and nights out.

Keep it Focused

As a rule of thumb, pick one feature and play it up. If you are going to have a soft lip colour then that is the time to play up a dramatic eye look. If your eyes are softer feel free to go bold with your lip colour.

Don’t be Afraid to Try Something New

Sometimes you just have to try…no matter how confident you are, everyone feels a bit odd when you try on something new. Rich reds make a real statement, bright colours give your whole face a lift while nudes & neutrals add a hint of colour but are nicely undestated

Talk to an Expert

If you need further guidance you can always ask our girls when you are in the salon or talk to the counter staff at your department store makeup counter. They are there to help you and would love to assist in finding the perfect lipstick color.

Keep it Soft

If you really are nervous keep your colour choice soft. Neutral lip colour shouldn’t be the same shade as your skin. It should the same (or slightly deeper) as your natural lips. If your neutral lip color looks like you have covered your lips in foundation it is not flattering at all.

Seeing Red

Red Lips are a timeless effortless way to add drama to a look, be it during the day or at night. Wearing a red lip is almost like bringing a bit of old Hollywood glamour into the modern day just make sure that you choose a shade that suits your skin tone. Those with pale skin should stick to blue-based lipsticks, while those with medium skin tones can experiment with brighter orange-based lipsticks. Those with darker skin tones are more suited to plum or berry reds. It’s important to try before you buy.

Kissable Lips

Creating a smooth base is an important step in perfecting your look. Even if you are not wearing lipstick, soft moisturized kissable lips are a must. When wearing lipstick, if your lips aren’t smooth then lipstick has a tendency to flake and look flawed. Exfoliating your lips helps get rid of dead skin and creates a smooth base for lipstick to be applied to.

Create a Line

As we age lips can be prone to bleeding, so prevent this by applying lip liner beforehand. Avoid the possibility of a dark ring around your lips once lipstick fades by using a neutral lip liner – one that matches your natural lip colour. To stop lipstick sliding, try filling in your entire lip with liner.

Luscious Nature

A average woman may consume nearly two kilograms of lipstick during her lifetime through drinking, eating and kissing – so keep lipstick natural!

Its all very well having a natural product and we all want something that is going to be a healthy option…but it has to work.

Lipstick needs to last…it needs to feel good, it needs to make your lips feel good…and it needs to taste nice!

And we found one that ticks all the boxes (plus its affordable)

The Karen Murrell (KM) range has 8 colours and a lip balm and there really is a colour (or two) for everyone…in fact at $30 each you can own 2 or 3 (at least)

As well as the lip conditioner there are 3 great nude shades (Cordovan Natural, Sand Storm, Violet Mousse) 3 perfect pinks (Fuchsia Shock, Carnation Mist, Pink Starlet) a ‘suits everyone red (Red Shimmer) and a gorgeous orange (Coral Dawn)

We love (and sell) KM Lipsticks because not only does the range come in the most fabulous colours…but they are made totally of natural ingredients.

They do not contain any mineral oils, animal-based material, parabens or preservatives and because of the fusion of Mother Nature’s miracle ingredients, the more you use, the better condition your lips will be in.

No one wants to have to reapply all day, the high-quality formulation means long on lips, and smell and taste great.

Active Ingredients

Candelilla wax: Grows in the semi-arid environment of northern Mexico and is celebrated in lipstick production for its hard, brittle, glossy and slightly tacky properties and its ability to leave lips soft, moisturised and protected

Evening primrose oil: Rich in omega-6, soothing and very moisturising.

Castor oil: Excellent smoothing properties and a high-acting pigment dispersant its properties ensure the most even and intense colour.