On Trend: summers best hair colours

Changing your hair colour can be one of the easiest ways to update your look

Right now there are a myriad of new (and old) techniques to change your look up to something more fashion forward.

A different hair colour can completely transform you, so if you are thinking maybe its time to change, there is no better time than now

For all the latest looks, inspiration and to demystify the terminology, read on…

Ombre hair

ombré noun from the French ‘ombrer’ to shade
Definition of ombré: having colors or tones that shade into each other —used especially of fabrics in which the color is graduated from light to dark.

So many celebrities embraced the ombre hair trend it has taken the fashion world by storm.
Basically ombre hair is darker roots gradually fading to lighter tips so the graduation if colour is down the hair shaft. This hair color looks best when it’s subtly blended from dark to medium to light and it is vital that the graduation of colour is seamless.
Here are tips on how to make the look work for you:
Make sure the ‘fade’ is brought up a bit, rather than it be just tips, somewhere between highlights, and tips otherwise, it tends to become too obvious.
Decide how severe you want to go, the look ranges from subtle and natural to very edgy and dramatic.
Ask your colorist for lots of sun-kissed highlights, concentrating on the ends, and no higher than your chin in most places. A few subtle pieces colored only a shade or two lighter than your natural color can be added to frame the face.
If possible, for a softer effect (depending on your natural base colour) ask your colourist to try and avoid using powder lightener (bleach) at all (if if they have to, only on the tips), this will create a softer results and preserve your hair condition.

Balayage highlights

Balayage is a process of highlighting the hair by painting on the product in a sweeping motion.
Unlike ombre which is graduation the colour down the hair shaft, balayage is about replicating the more natural effects that would occur after time in the sun and wind. The result is very subtle blonde and honey highlights that look natural. Balayage provides multidimensional color and allows for better outgrowth. In the beginning, you will need at least three appointments spaced six weeks apart to really build up the color. From that point, you could go four or five months without needing balayage, just getting a treatment to freshen the color every six weeks.


If you have already had an ombre or balayage colour over the winter months then maybe your next summer colour should be Tone-On-Tone…what at first looks like it could be one overall colour is actually a subtle blend of colour in similar levels and complimentary reflects to create a multi-faceted result. This colour technique is most definitely not a boring flat one-dimensional result!
Multi-tonal colour can achieve a natural look that with extra depth and the look should embrace golden, sandy warm shades, rather than cool tones for a sunkissed, reflective look.
Look at the multi-tonal tresses of Gisele and Natalia Vodianova at Givenchy and you get the idea, it’s about natural-looking, healthy colours, tone on tone and keeping it simple.
In terms of colour, its chocolate, coffee, hazelnut, walnut for brunettes and chose those butterscotch, wheat and caramel tones for a honeyed head of hair.

Pastel hair

We have seen Kelly Osbourne and Katy Perry pull off pastel hair. Can you? Of course you can. Pastel blue, green and pink are all popular this season. You can try allover color or just a few streaks of pastel hues.
Have your colorist suggest a color that is good for your skin tone. For example, if you’re pink-skinned, a pale green is not going to be that flattering.
Consider your natural color: To get a great pastel result we are going to have to lighten all, or some of your natural hair. If you are already blonde, then you are in a good place to start and you will be able to get the most dramatic results, but if you are brunette, then there is some lightening  to be done and you might want to consider pieces of colour rather than a full head

Red hair

Red hair is in once again this season, from deep auburn to light strawberry blonde. The hottest shade is a rich coppery red that is vibrant but not so bright that it can’t be worn in a professional environment. Copper shades look great with almost any skin tone, but talk to your stylist to see if you need a warmer or cooler hue to look your best.
Redheads should opt for coppery colours and sunset shades as the trend for spring/summer 2012 moves away from intense Rihanna red’s to soft burnt oranges.
Tangerine hues are great for warming up winter skin and enhancing green and blue eyes. Florence Welch is fantastic style inspiration for this shade. With coppers and reds, if you go too dramatic you might clash with your skin tone, the general rule is for cooler skin tones, use deeper bluey reds, for warmer skin tones stay on the coppery fiery scale.
Anyone can go red this season but you must pick the right red for your skin tone.

Beach blonde

If you’re keen to rock surfer chic, it couldn’t be more on trend. Like the balayage technique this is all about natural looking blondes…sun-kissed and believable with colour placement strategic to the hair length and style
Jennifer Morgan, Colour Director at Morgan&Morgan is a fan of back-brush colour. This incredibly versatile colouring technique which works with almost every hair colour and length for a natural and sun lightened finish.
“The technique involves backcombing triangular sections of hair before applying colour midlenths and ends, allowing the back brush to create the natural texture and blend. The result is a seamless finish with a ‘beachy’ and textured effect that’s grungy-cool. Better yet, it requires very little maintenance meaning you can go months without needing to re-touch.

Hair chalking

This year has been all about hair colour play from ombre dip dye to block colour brights – and the obsession with lifting your locks to psychadellic shades isn’t over yet. If you are not ready for the full-on commitment of pastel colorising then chalking could be for you
We predict that ‘chalking’ will be the new temporary hair colour craze for the season ahead.
We saw washed out brights at Chanel and Marc Jacobs back in Feb, and if these runway royalty are anything to go by (and they are) then hair chalking is where it is at.

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