Up-size Your Hair

Trends come and trends go and this season’s must-have hair look is big…literally!

For some people blessed with an abundance of hair this is not an issue, but for many of us creating volume (that lasts) is the biggest hair challenge there is! The look is all about getting that extra volume in your hair, whether it be with a sixties-inspired beehive or with a red carpet-style blow wave. The recent runways have been awash with big-haired beauties and texture, volume and movement have never been more on-trend!

Achieving this look, however, can be another matter altogether so we have a few ideas to help you achieve big!

Its in the Blow Wave

Learning to blow wave is not something we get taught at school (unless its beauty school) and most of us are not taught by our mothers. Its something generally learned from doing and not always done well. This is why all our stylists are schooled in blow wave lessons to teach our clients all the essentials to getting the most from their hair. To get the most volume from your hair, rough dry your hair (to about 70% dry) before you apply product or start using a brush. Excess water dilutes hair products and makes the task much more laborious – increasing the likelihood you will run out of steam. Section the hair roughly into 4 parts and dry hair in sections, lifting them upwards and directing the hot air at your scalp. Avoid flipping your head upside down to blow dry, as this often results in hair getting big outwards instead of upwards plus it increases the chances of it ending up fluffy. For maximum shine, point your blow waver nozzle away from the scalp and out down the hair shaft.

Roll it Up

Rollers are an amazing tool for creating volume and are super easy once you get your head around how to use them. After your blow dry, setting your hair with rollers (even if you’re not after curls), will help give boost and body. You can chose velcros or the heated variety or get fancy with the Cloud 9 o-Pod and as long as you follow a few simple rules it will dramatically increase fullness. The hair needs to be 100% dry and prepped with a volumising product (to protect against humidity and add substance) Start at the top and work down the sides and back with sections roughly the same size as your roller. Wind the hair trying to over-direct so that when complete, each roller sits on its base. With velcros apply the blow waver over the whole head for as long as your arms can stand it (3-5 minutes). Its all in the cool down, so the longer you can leave them in, the better the result, especially with any heated variety.

Use the Right Product

Steer clear of products aimed to smooth and de-frizz, they generally have a large percentage of silicone or oil which is not conducive to big hair – they tend to add weight and flatten. Instead, opt for products like volumizing shampoos, conditioners and root lifters that are designed for the sole purpose of making your hair bigger and better. Even if you don’t have fine textured hair get yourself a Volumising Shampoo & Conditioner to use when you want to create big hair. They contain less silicone and more carbohydrate to plump up the hair and get the moisture away. Next a foundation product…volume spray or mousse will add substance to the hair and ensure heat protection. For maximum effect try a root spray or root lift product – as the name suggests they are targeted to the scalp region to ensure maximum fullness. Hairspray is a must to keep your style in place…again locking out the environment and protecting your style. Use it to your advantage when polishing off your big hair look. A tip for big hair is to be light handed in the application. Too much hairspray concentrated in one area can flatten the hair so lightly spritz the stuff on your ‘do instead.

Back brush not back comb

If you set the hair right with your blow wave and rollers you may not need to worry to much about back brushing but it is an amazing tool for creating instant fullness. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has had bad experiences with backcombing hair. While teasing hair this way is guaranteed to build up extra height, it can also lead to nasty knots. Go easy on your hair by teasing it with a flat back brush instead of a comb.

Stay Dirty (or fake it)

Hair seems to keep volume better if it’s a little bit dirty (your natural oil contains a protein that will add fullness and strength). You’ll often find that that freshly washed hair can tend to be slippery and unable to keep shape as well as hair that’s a day old of a wash. If you would normally wash your hair once or twice a week, a little planning before a big night out will ensure that you have ‘day-2’ hair which will be a little easier to style. You DON’T want to try and create fullness on greasy hair so if you have the type of hair that usually needs to be washed daily the trick is to ‘fake’ dirty hair with miracle products like OSiS Dust It that give your hair fullness and grip

Spray it into Place

Blow waving, rollers, and all that teasing can lead to fly aways. Don’t be tempted to use a shine spray, a wax or a serum if you have fine hair. Your best friend will be your trusty can of  hairspray. Apply said product to your hand and then lightly wipe it over your ‘do, making sure not to flatten it in the process.

Avoid the Part

Parting your hair will only help it flatten out quicker so if you want your hair to have extra body, say goodbye to the part altogether. Instead, brush it back for a glamorous sixties inspired look. If getting rid of your part is out of the question, simply flip it to the other side for an extra volume boost.

Love the Dry Shampoo

Spraying dry shampoo onto the root area of your hair is another one of those ingenious tips for big hair….even if your hair is not dirty, the starch ingredients will add extra fullness.

Create Texture and Movement

It is really hard to create ‘big’ hair when it is straight. It really needs to have some texture and movement to get the fullness and the bounce. If you are wearing it our movement in the hair will give you a glamourous Hollywood do, and even the finest limpest hair is a cinch to put up if it has some wave or texture first.

Next time you’re thinking of adding extra volume to your locks, try out these tips for big hair but if it all sounds like too much work we have the perfect salon blow wave waiting for you.