Make it last…getting the most from your salon blow wave

Make That Blow Wave Last

Whether you have had your hair professionally styled or done it yourself at home, it makes sense that you want it to last.

When we get our hair done in the salon, the volume, the shine, the smoothness or that beautifully tousled hair makes you feel amazing…and you want it to stay that way for as long as possible. Of course with our busy lifestyles it’s not that easy, but for most (unfortunately really fine or oily scalps can be a little problematic) here are a few hair tricks to make your blow wave last as long as possible!

Don’t Touch

When you have had an amazing blow wave  its natural to want to run your hands through your hair constantly. There is something in the salon magic that makes your hair feel more silky more soft than you can usually achieve at home (could be the professional technique but probably the product cocktail as well). Touching your hair, running your hands through it, will cause it to lose its shape and the volume plus you are putting the oil and sweat from your hands onto your hair which will effect the lasting power of the style.

Protect it When you Sleep

Don’t know about you, but I often wake up in the morning and look at my hair and wonder if I had a party in the night that I didn’t realize I had been to! Obviously with the tossing and turning my hair can get pretty mussed up. Grab a silk scarf and loosely wrap your hair up but be mindful not to put any pressure on it and get your fringe sitting right. This should help to keep your hair restful while you sleep

Satin Sheets

As cliched as it sounds, a satin pillowcase will make a huge difference to how you ‘sleep’ on your hair and how well your blow wave lasts. Its a simple trick that requires not work (and it feels nice too)

Water is Your Enemy

One of your hairs major properties is that it is ‘hydroscopic’ – it naturally attracts water from the air. This is a problem when you are trying to get maximum life from your blow dry because it is that very moisture that is causing the style to be lost. When you shower, tie your hair up in a high and loose ponytail or tie a scarf  around your hairline and a shower cap is an absolute must. Once you’re done showering, dry yourself and leave the damp bathroom before shake your hair out. Humid days, drizzly days, rainy days are the worst for your style – so when out in public try if you can to keep your head covered…lovely way to make a statement with a gorgeous hat. Most good hairspray will have an anti-humidity barrier ingredient so make sure you ask your hairdresser to give you a frizz-free formula

Dry Shampoo

There are a load of dry shampoos available now and although some of the cheaper formulae can leave your hair looking a bit ‘powdery’ the newer technology products just leave it looking fresh and clean. Depending on your scalps oil producing capabilities you may need to start using this on day 2 but essentially as soon as your scalp and/or hair starts feeling a little oily.  Spritz spray or powder your roots and gently rub or brush the formula in to improve the look, feel, smell and texture of your hair! We love OSiS Refresh Dust, a bodifying dry shampoo that refreshes your style between washes. It contains Oryza Sativa Starch, a component derived from rice that has incredible absorbing properties. It soaks up hair oil and mattifies the hair shaft, making for bouncy and bright hair.

Think About Products

Make sure your stylist knows that you are looking for maximum longevity from your blow wave and whether it is smoothness & shine or big hair that you desire, the right foundation styling product will ensure a longer lasting result. Most good styling products help to shield your hair from atmospheric moisture keeping it frizz-free and bodiful for longer   While hairspray, dry shampoo and OSiS Dust It (which gives a soft matt effect with natural movements to your hair.with a dry light hold) are great for making your style last longer, there are other products that can reduce the life of your blow wave and need to be used with caution.  Serums, waxes, gloss product and shine enhancers can still be utilized however  make sure you have a very light hand and using them towards the end is generally better  as it will allow you to have a fresher looking style as opposed to the one matted with a full week’s worth of product buildup.

Bring Back the Heat

You can re-utilse your styling appliances towards the end of the life of your blow wave to revive your hair. Try using your drier on a cooler setting and flip your hair upside down to lift revitalize your style and reactivate the products. If you have ghds, curling tongs, velcro or heated rollers these are perfect to get you another day or two from your style and give your hair some oomph. Change your part for more volume and use dry shampoo again if needed. Give your hair some bouncy curls or just use the iron to flip the ends under and get a more uniform look. If you don’t have time to curl your hair, dirty hair is always the easiest to style and braid so go for a fun fishtail braid or try something new!