It’s the thing with fashion…you know that nothing is going to stay the same for long…and if you wait long enough everything comes back into style.

The trouble (or the joy of it) is though, that ever if the ‘trend’ is familiar…the particular spin will be new and different. You can’t just archive your old wardrobe and wait…it just won’t be quite the same!

I have decided however that if I have worn a trend once before it gives me the right to choose whether I want to go there again!

I definitely don’t subscribe to the theory that if I wore it in the 70’2/80’s/90’s I am too old to wear it again…I am more of the belief that if I wore in the said era and I can still rock it – then I have earned the right to bring it out one more time. With that however, there are some trends that were ugly or ridiculous or uncomfortable or downright unflattering the first time and I would like to hope I am wise enough not to go there again just because its in ‘fashion’

Shoe Trends Change From Year To Year.

What’s hot and happening one year will disappear from view the next O

Each shoe trend has its place in the fashion world, and some enjoy more popularity than others. These are just a few of the more recent trends for shoes out there.


While they seem to have gone out of fashion for quite a while, pointed toe shoes are once again back in fashion. Not as comfortable as their platformed or round toed sisters…the wear of the pointed toes shoes a true did cation to fashion. A trick with pointy shoes is to but a half size bigger…to give your toes a little extra room. The look can be quite severe so if you want, add a touch of girlish charm to your pointed shoes with bow details.


Clothes trends also influence trends for shoes. Thanks to the current sport inspired trend, hi-top sneakers has become quite fashionable. For this of us who have an aversion to flats…the best invention to update this classic look it the advent of the in-built wedge giving you a high-heeled trainer…comfort and style!


These days it’s all about adding extra height. The higher the better. Platforms are the shoes that allow you to be outrageous but comfortable at the same time. Often what appears to be a 5 inch heel, is only an incline of 3 inches – which to a seasoned high heel wear is a literal walk in the park! The platform shoe trend has been dominating the fashion scene and it’s a wonder how much higher heels can actually go! When wearing platform shoes, choose ones with thicker heels for more stability.


Wore them in the eighties and loved them ever since it was with a smile that I saw the reinvention of the trusted creeper. The alternative and grungy trend is going strong. If the typical black or white creeper shoe doesn’t do it for you, you can always try your hand at lighter or pastel colours. For a more wearable option, choose creeper shoes with a shorter and less noticeable platform.


You may have noticed that glitter shoes are everywhere these days. I have an adage, if in doubt, throw a little sparkle at it. An amazing way to bring a flat or plain outfit to life, the look is fun and frivolous, and definitely a statement maker. Whether you choose a pair of glitter flats or breathtaking high heels, as long as its glitter, it’s on trend.


Shoes with raffia or woven straw details are typical of spring/summer trends. The espadrilles dreams European summer! You can comfortably wear them with short and it is a fresh, chic and sporty look…whereas sometimes the heel/short combo can be a little harder to pull off!


Despite me thinking that the kitten heel was well and truly dead, it seems that designers are bringing back this shoe trend. It’s in keeping with the ladylike theme that is in fashion these days. The look is demure and is well suited for those who are averse to sky high heels.


There’s been a current trend lately for anything sheer and clear. Transparent shoes are just one way to wear the trend. Steer clear of anything too tacky though (you don’t want to look like a Bangkok hooker) – keep it to a single feature such as a clear heel or clear strap.


Are you sick of hearing the term ‘colour blocking’ yet? If so, I’m sorry to say that this trend will be around for a while yet. Colour blocked shoes are a great way of working this trend and adding pops of colour to an outfit.

The great thing is that right now, regardless of your style, test or budget there is an option for you. Check out my previous post for some great sources for cool shoes