Hairstyles for women over 40 should not be so radically different than hairstyles you’d choose in your thirties or even twenties!

At about 35 years old my mom asked my (and I quote) “don’t you think you might be a bit old for all the long haired nonsense?” I was horrified…really was there a time limit on my hair? Did I have to overnight be transformed into a socially accepted mature version of myself?

There is a “mature hairstyle” that has been around for decades…you know the one (you will have seen it in the mall, in the bank…or heaven forbid someone has tried to sell it to you) its what we call an ‘even layered’ cut (another way of saying no real discernable shape) short…but not too short, no real shape…nothing that make it stand out, and it doesn’t really ‘suit’ anyone…my mom would call it “practical” but as a hair stylist I wonder where it came from!?!

Rebel, resist but never ever give in to an pressure to adopt a style that does not make you feel beautiful…not matter your age!

Here are a few short, medium and long options that are perfectly fabulous…at an age!

Pixie Cut

Super short or long enough to allow some proper tousling, a pixie cut is one of the most gorgeous of hairstyles for women over 40!

Too radical? Absolutely not! Just take a look at Judi Dench, Halle Berry or Sharon Stone and you’ll understand how utterly sexy, truly sophisticated, absolutely glamorous and amazingly playful this short cut can be!

It is a huge step in a whole different direction and even more so if you’ve spent your whole life grooming an impressive long mane but it’s a perfect way to shock, awe, rock a totally different look and perhaps even manage to wipe off a few years and both feel and look notably younger.

Bob Cut

Bob hairstyles are making a comeback in a big way. The bob hairstyle has long been a classic, timeless cut and it’s set to be the fashionable choice of hairstyle once more.

If you’re thinking of going the chop, remember that there are a variety of stylish bob hairstyles to choose from

Curly Bob

Dead serious, perfectly polished bob seems to be a sort of a mature hairstyle most women feel drawn to at certain age and that’s completely fine, as long as you remember to play with it from time to time.

And what better way to do so than by emulating a chic Carrie Bradshaw look we’ve all seen and loved!

Grab your curling wand to achieve a playful yet chic and feminine look that lets your romantic side show or opt for a light texturizing product in case you want a wavy, laid-back hairstyle perfect for summer!

Natural Wave

If you’re browsing for a perfect hairstyle for women over 40 thinking “Oh, gosh, please don’t let it be complicated and time-consuming”, you’ll definitely want to go for a celebrity all-time-favorite self-forming cut!

Liz Hurley, Teri Hatcher, Sheryl Crow and many, many more, absolutely love spicing their medium to long tresses with a couple of front layers, which doesn’t only add volume but allows hair to twist and wave naturally, creating an interesting, easy to maintain look that’s won’t drag your face down but promote a healthy, youthful glow instead!

Loose Up-Do

Speaking about hairstyles for women over 40 – can you believe that a simple thing such as an elegant up do can make a huge difference? So, the next time you’re planning to rock a bun or a chignon, opt for a loose, romantic version with a couple of loose strands peeking out here and there and just the right amount of volume.

Overly poufy, neat or helmet-like up dos will age you, giving your look a harsh, almost librarian-like note you certainly want to avoid regardless of your actual age.

Beachy Waves

Well over 40 and still fabulous, Sarah Jessica Parker is one of those women you just need to look at and take notes! And they say long hair and beachy waves aren’t hairstyles for older women! Phew!

Well, if she can do it (and look absolutely gorgeous) so can you! Give your long tresses a sexy, beachy texture to look great on daily basis or opt for more polished, better defined waves to look stunning in black tie!

Side Swept and Blown Out

Accent your razor cut/choppy medium to short cut but sweeping your bangs to the side and styling your tousles outwards.

Jane Fonda is especially fond of this hairstyle and, quite honestly, I’d say it fits her to a T. It’s not a typical mature hairstyle and looks fab on women all ages and the best thing about it is that you can style it in many different ways, alternating smooth, lady-like textures and spiky, bed rumpled ones depending on your style, occasion and preference.

Golden Highlights

Most hairstyles for women over 40 seen on celebrities include a few golden highlights which is something you should consider as well, especially in case you’re happy with your current hairstyle and don’t feel the need for extra chopping.

Highlights won’t only mask grey hairs and help you prolong the time between two dye jobs but make your face pop by giving it a nice, youthful glow! Hollywood ladies are already enjoying the youth fountain known as “highlights” – why not take a dip yourself?