Tricks to Keep your Hair Young as you Age

Have to say there is nothing I hate more than being called “middle aged” and I will do pretty much anything hang on tenaciously to my youth

However; the voice of my mother ringing in my ear, I am well aware of the dangers of trying to forever look like I’ve just turned 18.

How Long?

FIRST…and most importantly….listen carefully ladies….you DO NOT HAVE TO CUT YOUR HAIR SHORT at a certain age!

It is the number one question I get I too old for my long hair? And the answer is resolutely NO! Long hair is timeless; however it is vital when you are a little older that it is in impeccable condition, stylishly shaped and appropriately colored. Nothing looks worse than over colored tired hair (at any age) but it is worse when on someone a little older. Make sure your hair is in tip top shape and you can keep it long for as long as you like.

Once you get to be a certain age, the question becomes not “To be or not to be,” but rather “To dye or Not to Dye”

Most people will eventually reach the point where their few stray, easily pickable grey hairs transform into a salt & pepper forrest where plucking would take all day (and result in baldness), so they take the plunge into the world of hair colour

Colouring your hair for fun is one thing, but colouring to cover grey is a whole other experience

Unfortunately there are only a few women who are able to look stunningly stylish in grey, and we consider them to be brave but because your hair is the first thing that people see when they look at you, you have to be ready before ‘the first thing’ is a headful of grey hair

The term ‘grey’ is in fact not really accurate…if you have ever pulled out a ‘grey’ hair, you have noticed that it is actually white. The ‘grey’ is an illusion created when the white hair mixes with your natural colour

You may not think a hairstyle would really affect how old you look but it really makes a difference!

Here are a couple of “Anti-Aging” hair tricks for you…

Frame with a Fringe

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, getting the right style of fringe is one of the most fantastic hair tips to look younger and stylish! Side swept fringes are favored because they create a soft look, hide fine lines and wrinkles like a charm and can literally take years off of your face!

Make Sure you Shine

Dry, brittle hair not only makes your hair look aged and unkempt but it can make you look older too, so an easy tip to look younger is to deep condition your hair. There are tons of different types of deep conditioners out there so take things such as: hair length, type, whether you color your hair or not and the extent of the damage

When it comes to care for aging hair, look no further than Schwarzkopf BC Q10 Time Restore for mature and fragile hair.

Skin changes over time. Young skin has very different needs to more mature skin and the same applies to hair.

Over time hair loses vitality, strength, body and shine, so BC Time Restore is a hair care regime to treat the demands of more mature hair.

As we age, the production of two essential proteins (that give hair its fullness and strength) slow down.

The hair loses its original composition leaving it thin, limp and brittle.

External influences like colouring, blow-drying and combing also have an effect, making the hair appear dry and dull.

Q10-Collagen-Technology addresses these developments in the roots and hair lengths: Q10, naturally occurs in all of us and it  reactivates the production of proteins aiding the return of new hair to its optimum youthful composition.

Collagen, a structure protein that is well known for its tensile strength, provides elasticity and refills damaged parts in the hair structure that have occurred over time. T

he combination of Q10 and Collagen helps to counterbalance the effects of aging

The Amino acid Glycine deeply penetrates and strengthens the hair. Silicon Oil smoothes, improves combability and promotes hair shine. Results in healthy, resilient hair with utmost suppleness and shine for timeless beauty.

Colour it Right

Highlighting or adding strategically placed pieces of color can instantly light up your face and is a sure way to look younger by changing your hair. If you don’t like the upkeep or fear the damage highlights can do to your hair, you can always opt for lighter colored extensions or use a semi-permanent dye just to add some dimension to your hair. Darker colors may prove to be harsh-looking at a certain age, accentuating the lines you’re trying to hide.

Get a youthful glow with beautiful, natural and resonant colour. Our mature hair focussed colour range Igora Absolutes is carefully blended to fulfil the specialist needs of this hair type.

It’s perfect for mature hair because it contains:

Biotin-S Complex – Biotin and Silica rebuild the gaps and weaknesses in the structure of every strand to strengthen and reform the hair.

Microfine Colour Pigments – saturate the hair to the inner core, delivering 100% coverage and all over even tones with vibrant results. Choose from a huge range of glorious blondes, rich reds and perfect brunettes, and return to authentic youthful shades in no-time at all.

Ranging from lustrous, chocolate and caramel browns to gorgeous, golden blondes, colour results are multi-tonal and truly natural-looking with vibrant, luminous reflects.

Less is More

I realize that sometimes we’ll have to wear those hairstyles that require lots of hairspray and other styling products yet must note that going easy on the hair styling products is another one of the simple hair tips to look younger. I totally get that you want your curls and waves to stay put but applying too much (or the wrong type) of product in your hair can make you look stiff and outdated. Look for products that give you hold without making your hair too crunchy or appearing hard.

These hair tips to look younger are so simple and easy! And, trust me, implementing these hair tweaks can really make you look years younger! Don’t let your hair color or style age you or overwhelm your beautiful face – use these suggestions to make small changes in your favorite and most flattering hairstyle and score a fresh, young look in no time!