The Girl Who Played With Fire

Though not the most popular colour when you walk down the street, redheads are so important to the success of a salon. Red may not be the colour that everyone asks for, but an amazing redhead is the colour that people admire, talk about and notice when they walk in or out of a salon.

What are the keys to a great redhead?


Salon created redheads have long suffered with the challenge of fadage, and with new technology, education and the right take home products, this is no longer a problem that can’t be fixed.
It used to be the color and not having the right products for the clients to maintain what was beautiful in the salon from washing away. Today with new technology that allows color to “grip” hair in new ways enabling the color to become more stable in the hair and resist fading, combined with Ceramides that help improve hair quality while coloring, fadage is something that is more cause-effect (like going the beach without a hat) than washed away.
I love proving to salons guests that we can create a great fade proof red, with the right products now we can create the red they always wanted.
The real test of a great colorist is on not just how it looks when your client leaves the salon (that should always be great), but how it looks when they return for their appointment 4-6 weeks later.

The Red Reflect

With redheads, the fact that the hair is red, is not really what your eye is picking up on, it is the second and third reflect that really excites our eyes. Is it red/red, red/violet, red/orange, red/copper, red/gold or red/brown?
Sometimes even red/copper/copper or red/copper/gold or even red/copper/brown, but it is always the copper, copper/gold or violet that is really grabbing our attention. So, next time you want to have fun with a redhead, play with the second and third reflects – it can make a winter red have new pop for spring summer.

Funny things they used to say about redheads

As a hairdresser I have heard my share of myths about red hair. Some are funny, some are weird, some are plain insulting, but none of them are true. So whether you’re a ginger or just want to be more informed about them, keep reading.

The ancient Greeks used to believe this funny myth about red hair — that when a redhead died, they turned into a vampire! Where could this myth have started, and how ridiculous did people feel when it was busted?

They are unlucky

Ancient Egyptians considered redheads to be so unlucky, they offered them in sacrifice, hoping to end the supposed bad-luck streak. Can you imagine being killed in a ritual, simply because your hair was an “unlucky” shade? On the other hand, though, Romans thought redheads might bring luck, so they were particularly desirable… when purchased as slaves.

They have fiery tempers

Is this a myth about red hair, or could it be true? For centuries, redheads have been said to have fiery tempers, as well as lusty libidos. But I haven’t been able to find any research on this topic… maybe redheads have more fun than blondes… and maybe it’s not a good idea to cross them.

Bees sting readheads more often

This myth about red hair may actually be true, though the science has yet to catch up with anecdotal evidence. Why bees would choose to sting redheads more often that blondes or brunettes is beyond me, but my grandmother, a natural redhead, swears it’s true. Another odd but possibly true fact? Redheads require more anesthetic. Could these two be somehow related?

Redheads have stolen hellfire

Wow, harsh! During the Spanish Inquisition, redheads by the hundreds died because the Spaniards thought that redheads were witches who had stolen the fires of hell, and as such, had to be burnt at the stake.

Redheads will eventually go grey

To any redhead out there hoping to fade into obscurity once their fiery tresses go grey, I have somber news. It’s likely not going to happen. Most redheads (my grandmother included) go from red to blonde to white, with nary a grey hair. While the rest of us sorry saps have to start covering our grey, you’ll all be gorgeous strawberry blondes. Unfair!

So many myths … and so few redheads (only about 4% worldwide). If you’re a ginger, which of these myths about red hair have you heard, and which came as a surprise?

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