Whether we’re talking dads, husbands, boyfriends, brothers or best friends, I’m sure you’ll find more than a few styles to share and suggest next time your special guy decides on a major or minor style change! Except from looking super cool on various celebs, these styles will also help deal with a few problems even men face such as fine or unruly hair or grays so check them out, decide on your favorite celebrity haircut for men and pass it on:

George Clooney

Mr. Clooney definitely knows when it’s a good time to shake things up a bit! And his new, much shorter yet equally classy hairstyle is one of the most perfect celebrity hair cuts for men to talk your hubby into getting in case he has been developing a habit of counting his grays every morning.  Short cropped sides and back will help focus the attention on a slightly longer (and usually less gray) top, yielding the same, amazing, red carpet-worthy results!

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling has been voted as one of the hottest male celebrities and regardless of the kind of hairstyle he chooses to wear no doubt he will continue to be one of Hollywoods ‘beautiful’ but this shorter cut really does him justice! Close cropped sides and some volume on top to get creative with are really the best choice for his hair.

Robert Pattinson

Speaking about totally trendy hairstyles for men – here’s a look worth checking out! This style is perfect for guys who don’t think using styling products would qualify as trespassing into “Girls Only” territory, are not willing to sacrifice their length or their locks and have a personality to match. Doubt many men out there have what it takes to rock this look the way Pattinson does but in case you know a few, you should definitely share this post with them!

Ed Westwick

Perfectly macho and oh-so-stylish, oh and don’t you just love the hairstyle? Ideal for all modern, fashion-forward guys out there looking for a super stylish way to rock one of the most classic celebrity haircuts for men out there! Part and slick your soft, fine, layered strands back in case you’re going for that super classy, old Hollywood look and go easy on your styling pomade in case you’re hoping to keep the volume and rock a more modern style the actor himself seems to be a fan of!

Chad Michael Murray

Loved by both Chad Michael Murray and David Boreanaz, this versatile look is super easy to pull off not to mention perfect for straight yet thick hair that just refuses to be parted or forced down. Let one of our stylist trim the sides short leaving you enough volume on top to style it into a subtle faux hawk and enjoy this trendy hairstyle for men along with all the extra attention that comes with it!

Vin Diesel

Rocked by way too many football players and a seriously impressive number of super hot celebrities, a clean, shaved look is always a good choice and something men shouldn’t shy away from! Take it from Vin Diesel, Samuel Jackson, Mike Tyson, Bruce Willis, Jason Statham and many, many others! Some of these guys had been looking for a cool-looking way to deal with their hair loss, others were just experimenting with a new look.

Zac Efron

Let’s leave the cutting aside for a moment and discuss another interesting hairstyle change you can opt for in case you’ve already found your ideal haircut and are now hoping to find an interesting idea on how to update it. Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever actually considered highlights before but you definitely should and Zac Efron is definitely the celeb to google for in order to see how cool these can look on guys!

Close cropped all around with some sky-high volume on top – this is the perfect recipe for one of the most popular haircuts for men in 2012! It’s called “pompadour” and it’s threatening to become as popular as it was once, during the whole Elvis era! Now, I know most of us haven’t had a chance to witness the King himself rocking this style but, hey, I’m sure there are plenty of Bieber fans out there loving the kid’s new, modern take on it!

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