Shine with simply sexy hair…

Now that spring is nearly upon us, hairstyles are changing. While it may be excusable for your hair to be a bit drab during the winter, hair this spring is all about being shiny, silky and luxurious.
So what makes hair shiny? When the outer layer (cuticle) of the hair shaft lies flat, the even surface can reflect light. This gets ‘roughed up’ through life’s wear and tear (sun, wind, brushing etc.), thermal stress (heat appliances) and chemical exposure and unfortunately once the cuticle is compromised your hair becomes weakened and vulnerable to more serious and permanent damage

Think about the cuticle like a knights shining armor…underneath needs to be protected from external attacks if you want to have great healthy hair!

Naturally shiny hair has a cuticle that’s smooth and flat; it’s plumped up with water (about 10 to 15% by weight); and it’s rich in natural oils that keep the whole thing “glued” together.

Tired of dull, lifeless winter locks? We’ve quizzed our whole team on how to achieve an ultra-shiny look.
Here are their tricks of the trade…M2 Crew secrets for shiny hair!
Angelique says:
“For really shiny hair, you need healthy strong hair, so treat yourself to a nourishing treatment e.g Try Rx Intense or Keratin Complex
Serum (like Shine Duster) on mid-lengths to ends after blow drying and ironing will give even the most challenged hair instant shine
Heat is the natural enemy of shine. That’s because high temperatures damage the natural lipids (fancy word for oils) that help keep hair flexible and shiny. If you do decide to heat style, use protection!”
Erin says:
Wash it (clean hair shines), cut it (split ends won’t), gently brush it (stimulating scalp producing natural oils), hydrate it (hair gets thirsty too), feed it (you eat junk  and your hair looks dull), protect it (from everything environmental, especially heat) and if in doubt…. fake it ( add serums or sprays to enhance shine).
Hannah says:
“Wearing your hair in a pony tail may seem like a hassle free style, but if you pull it back too tightly you may be creating micro-fractures in the hair that will reflect light unevenly and cause loss of shine”
Casey says:
“For hair that’s extra shiny, turn the temperature down on your shower once you’ve rinsed out the conditioner, and blast your hair with the coolest water you can handle. Then towel dry, and apply a light serum while the hair is still wet. This starts the drying process and reduces the need for excessive blow-drying which reduces shine – Miracle Oil is perfect.”
Kim says:
“If you want really glossy hair, run a bath and apply a leave-in conditioner like Color Freeze Treatment then wrap your head in cling film and climb into the bath. The steam will help to open the hair cuticles and allows the treatment to penetrate and really invigorate and condition hair. Relax back for 15 – 20 minutes and then rinse hair thoroughly.”
Steve says:
“Shampoo bubbles seem cute but all that rub a dub dub lifts the cuticle even more. The lather is more psychological that anything (it makes you think clean) but your hair does not need all that detergent to get clean…and it just raises the cuticle and makes it more likely to detangle and look dull. So, now your hair is wet. What do you do? Blot, don’t rub! A rough towel can cause an amazing amount of damage. Try the brand new Miracle Oil shampoo…super low lather and super gentle on the hair…the shine factor is amazing!”
Emma says:
“Always use a conditioner on your hair because the acidity helps close the hair cuticles and make them smoother. You might read about using lemon or vinegar but they are both way too harsh an acid for the hair and will end up drying it out!  When you’ve dried your hair, use a straightening balm but never one which contains alcohol because it tends to swell the hair cuticle – try Color Freeze Thermo Protect. The smoother the cuticle, the shinier the hair will be, because it will reflect more light.”
Frankie says:
“One of the keys to giving your hair shine is preparing it well such as giving it a final rinse with cool water after shampooing. When drying your hair, I’d recommend using a long round brush with short bristles so your hair glides smoothly over the brush. The end result should be gleaming smooth hair that will reflect light beautifully.”
Brittany says:
“I believe it’s essential to use the right products if you want to get a really shiny, healthy look – ie ones which will shine-enhancing properties. The BC HairTherapy Smooth Shine range really helps to smooth the hair and gives it a great gloss. After drying finish off with Magic Gloss”
Nikki says:
“Try a leave-in cure for extra luster…colour-treated hair looks more brilliant after the application of leave-in treatments containing enzyme-rich apricot kernel oil, panthenol for protection and hair-regenerating keratin. These special ingredients add glow to any hair colour.”
Tanya says:
“Try either a specific Smoothing or Shine Enhancing shampoo and conditioner like Color Freeze – its amazing what a difference it makes
In our Vibrance range we have a Clear Gloss Treatment that creates irresistible shine, it does not change the colour of your hair just increase the gloss”
Jen says:
“And with the sun comes damaging UV radiation that can wreak havoc on the natural hair lipids (like 18-methyleicosinoic acid). Without these lipids hair dulls quickly. If you can’t stay out of the sun make sure you’re protecting your hair with a good conditioner with UV protection”