It really is a miracle…

BC Oil Miracle Product Information

After the success of BC Oil Miracle Finishing Treatments, Schwarzkopf Professional are extending the Oil Miracle range to include a premium shampoo and conditioner, liquid oil spray conditioner and gold shimmer treatment. Giving a lasting feeling of luxury, precious oils throughout the range leaves hair with an instant, opulent shine and even the most unmanageable tresses becomes caressable and soft.

Unlike other oil based products on the market, the BC Oil Miracle range has been designed to distribute the precious oils evenly so as to not overburden even the finest of hair.

BC Oil Miracle Shampoo (Available September 4th)

The real miracle in this shampoo is the formulation of care oils, which allows your hair to choose the amount of oil it needs and deposits this into the hair. The residue simply washes away! A non-overburdening formula that gently cleanses all hair types and leaves hair with beautiful, touchable smoothness and softness.

BC Oil Miracle Gold Shimmer Conditioner (Available September 4th)

The formulation of BC Oil Miracle Gold Shimmer Conditioner with Argan oil detangles hair whilst nourishing with the indulgent care of precious oils.

BC OIL Miracle Gold Shimmer Treatment (Available September 4th)

Indulge with a treatment designed to be used as a weekly pampering ritual that deeply recharges the hair from within. Combining the care of precious oils, hair is nourished and the luxurious appearance and rich texture provides an extra treat!

BC Oil Miracle Liquid Oil Conditioner (Available October 6th)

This sophisticated and intensive 2-phase Spray won’t overburden and is suitable for all hair types. Combining the shine benefits of a precious oil in phase 1 and the conditioning and detangling effects of a clear caring in phase 2.


BC Oil Miracle Light Finishing Treatment

The light variant is the first oil to be specifically formulated for fine hair types, but can also be used on healthy, thick to medium hair that would benefit from an additional burst of softness and shine. This luxurious honey coloured oil is enriched with Marula Oil, which is full of large amounts of Vitamin C, Oleic acids and filled with anti-oxidants. These precious qualities ensure beautiful softness and shine, without overburdening even the finest hair. The breakthrough formula in BC Oil Miracle Finishing Treatment is the carrier oil, which ensures that the botanical oil is distributed evenly and finely throughout the hair, leaving no residue build up. The carrier oil then evaporates while drying, leaving only the precious botanical oil behind in an ultra-fine layer.

BC Oil Miracle Finishing Intense Treatment

The Finishing Treatments are the perfect choice if you have medium to thick or very porous, fine hair. This beautiful amber coloured oil is filled with the richness of Argan Oil, especially valued for it’s anti-oxidative and cosmetic properties. Rich in unsaturated fats, it helps strengthen and nourish the hair’s natural protective cover, leaving it full of volume and brilliantly soft.