Celebrities who made the cut

Well, Miley Cyrus’s new short hairstyle has certainly provoked a range of reactions…so much so I had to check out the hype!

I can’t remember the last time a haircut created such a stir…

‘Polarizing’ is a definite understatement – if you follow the postings, status updates & tweets on various social media…even on our FB page it’s a love/hate affair!
At the end of the day, she loves it and there is no denying its a very ‘on-trend’ cut which is cool and even if it’s not your thing she’s young enough and beautiful enough to pull it off 🙂

With summer on its way, we’ve had short haircuts on the brain.

But it has inspired me to put together a gallery of  fashionable short hair styles
Pictures of the latest locks from the runway, red carpet and salon

It may take a bit of courage to chop of your locks, but the benefits of short hair are numerous – standing out from the crowd, saved styling time and showing off the elegance of the neck to name just a few. If you’re thinking of taking the plunge – or want to update your short hair – take a look at our photo gallery  of the latest haircuts and styles from the catwalk, celebrities and salon look books.