BC Hair Therapy

Did you know that every skin type needs a specific treatment?

The same goes for different hair types: each needing specific care. With BC HAIR THERAPY we can offer the first personalised hair care program that rebuilds the hair from inside out, for beauty that lasts.


  • By rebuilding the inner cell architecture within all hair types: the new AMINO CELL REBUILD technology renews strength and elasticity.
  • By caring for specific hair types: groundbreaking new formulas solve the challenges of individual hair types by recreating beauty and shine in damaged, colour-treated, dry, normal or fine hair.
  • Identify the most suitable hair therapy to rediscover the natural health and beauty of your hair.  


BC Repair Rescue revolutionises hair care with the FIRST Biomimetic hair repair technology.

BC Repair Rescue not only repairs the cells within the hair but also recreates the hair surface Biomimetically; for hair returned to its optimal level of health.

BC REPAIR RESCUE; for a 100% Healthy hair surface, down to every last strand.


BC Color Freeze provides not only up to 90% colour retention, but also 100% colour and shine, down to every single hair.

It captures colour pigments for longer lasting colour shine, giving the hair surface a polished effect.

The breakthrough Color Freeze formula seals the hair’s surface, glazing pigments in place for long-lasting colour and maximum shine.

At last, you can freeze-frame vibrant shades with 100% colour shine!

BC SMOOTH SHINE offers a complete range of care products to create and revive all looks. By incorporating the new innovative IPS COMPLEX and AMINO CELL REBUILD technology, for the first time there is a complete range, keeping hair not only caressably soft with an illuminating shine but also repairing the inside of the hair.

For lustrous curls and waves with radiant shine.
BC Curl Bounce Therapy provides high-energy curls thanks to the Curl-Memory-Complex. This regime ensures well defined curls, re-nourishment of moisture levels and a non-crispy finish with a lavish, caressable hold.


Experience a total world of indulgence with a magic care range, giving your hair ultimate nourishment, opulent shine and caressable softness for glamorous hair beauty.

This holistic care regime offers amazing benefits for all hair types:


  • Opulent shine
  • Caressable softness
  • Non-overburdening


After introducing the “Evaporating Technology” with the two BC Oil Miracle Finishing Treatments, delivering caressable softness & opulent shine without leaving residues on the hair or overburdening it, BC is able to set another milestone yet again. A crystal clear Micro Emulsion Oil Shampoo. The Micro Emulsion Oil Shampoo ensures that just the right amount of nourishing oil remains at the porous spots of the hair surface whilst smoothening it at the same time – resulting in fascinating suppleness and opulent shine. 

The results:

  • Smoothens the hair surface
  • Fascinating suppleness
  • Opulent shine
  • Ultimate Nourishment